Friday, 12 March 2010

Help For Hair-Do's

As regular blog readers (and even constipated ones) will know, two of my favourite blogging  topics are hairdressers and The Hamptons.

So the opportunity to write about an award-winning hairdresser in The Hamptons has left me almost incapacitated with excitement, but I shall struggle on regardless.

Worcester Park's very own Kim Roy, who works from her own private salon in The Hamptons, is an award winning stylist who has worked on high profile events such as London Fashion Week, has had her work featured on the front covers of top magazines and in newspapers and has also styled celebrities (just last week she did Katie Melua's hair for her new album cover).

Kim has been nominated for The Nation's Favourite Hairdresser Awards and has made it through to the semi finals - she needs as many public votes as possible to see her through to the grand final. 

So why not show your support for Worcester Park's premier hairdresser by voting for her online at - to see just why she deserves your nomination you can view a gallery of her work on her website

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Janette said...

Bet she is not as good as Toka in North Cheam

Jen Smith said...

Hi there

Took our grandaughter to have her fringe trimmed and a tiny bit cut of the back she is 3 years old and we were charged £12 at Kims. Yes it does say £12 on he price list for a childs haircut surely we should have been advised that no matter how much you have cut off its £12 disgusting. He has just lost a Customer as I normally have my hair done there also.

Anonymous said...

"Yes it does say £12 on the price list for a childs haircut"

And you paid £12 as advertised, so really, what is your problem?

You want a pro rata "per 100 strands of hair" rate? Don't be ridiculous.

Janine said...


I have been to Breeze Creative Hair and I can see how Kim has won Colourist of the Year,she is one of the few hairdressers who actually has her own work on her Salon walls it is amazing to see all the creative photoshoots she has been involved in.She was recently invited to Trinidad and Tobago to train the top salon over there! I tell all my friends about her and being a retired lady it is really a bit of fun going to the salon and catching up with her.
I know there are a lot of salons in Worcester Park and Cheam but there are definitely no salons with as many awards and accolades and Breeze Creative Hair.. I would confidently recommend Kim Roy to anyone

Anonymous said...

Kims salon on the High Street is not the same Kim as being referred to in this article.. Kim Roy has a salon called Breeze Creative Hair at The Hamptons.
But anyway if you were told the price for a kids haircut and then you paid that price what are you moaning about??? i'm sure Kim on the high street is happy you wont come back ,, you must be one of those nightmare clients who does everyones head in!

Anonymous said...

Jen, Are you referring to Kims on Central Road, along from Boots - £12 sounds very expensive for a child. The last time I went in, on a Sunday, I paid £12 with a tip for an adult cut - this was £9 plus tip at the start of the year - are prices rising? Please clarify this as it could damage the wrong business, in particular as this thread appears to be about a lady called Kim Roy, nothing to do with Kims on the high street.

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