Tuesday, 9 March 2010

KFC Promises To Curb Noise Nuisance

Fast food chain KFC has finally promised to take action after subjecting local residents to six months of noise nuisance from the extraction system at its Worcester Park outlet.

Since September last year, residents in surrounding roads have had to put up with noise from plant at the rear of the premises which starts up daily at 9 am and runs until after 1am.

Yet despite complaints being received from a number of local residents, it has taken the intervention of Sutton Council's Environmental Health department to prompt the branch, which has an annual turnover of £1 million, to take action to curb the noise disturbance.

Blog reader 'Longperson' told me:

"Even though I live in Longfellow Road, one block away from KFC, the noise is constant and very very annoying. When the weather is cold and my double-glazed windows are shut it's not too much of an issue, but when summer arrives it's going to be a different matter.

When I spoke to the Manager at the branch, he admitted that a number of other residents from surrounding roads have complained about the noise from the machinery - he even said it was too noisy for his staff inside the shop!"

Blog reader 'Shell' also contacted me to tell me of her frustrations when she tried to get KFC to respond to her concerns about the noise nuisance:

" I spoke with the [branch] manager who told me that the Council had been informed and they had installed a timer as the noise was disturbing local residents. However, the noise starts when they open and continues until closing time after midnight. Surely that can't be acceptable?

I contacted the area manager this afternoon and did not receive a reply and tried to contact KFC customer services but couldn't get through. Apparently a lot of people have complained about it but seem to have given up!"

Nina Arnott, a spokesperson for KFC, told me:

“We always try to be a good neighbour and work closely with local residents. We’ve been trying to find a solution to a noise problem caused by a faulty extractor fan at our Worcester Park store and have worked closely with the Environmental Health Officer.
We’re happy to say that a contractor will be visiting the restaurant on Friday [12th March] to fit a noise reduction device to fix the problem.”

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Alan W said...

It really isn't that loud. I assume everyone complaining is an old person with nothing better to do.

Caldbeck Baz said...

Thank goodness! I live a couple of minutes' walk from KFC and the noise was really getting a pain. I was one of those who complained to them (a few months ago) so thank goodness it is finally being sorted. I can look forward to a peaceful summer in the garden!

Mike D said...

I think that rather then sorting out a noise, which I have never noticed, they should be doing more about the wrappers/cups and smell coming from that place! Its disgusting the amount of rubbish that is dumped down the road along KFC!

Andrew B said...

There has been a mystery noise coming from a back garden about halfway down the odd-numbered side of Lindsay Road for months and months which permeated for miles, especially when quiet at night. It ran continuously 24/7 and sounded something like a squeaky fan. It was relentless, but has suddenly stopped. Anybody know what that was ???

dan said...

Never mind the noise coming out of the place until 1 in the morning, I'm more concerned about the number of people going in that it can turn over £1million per year. Truly terrifying stuff...

Jacey said...

That's a bit strong isn't it Alan W? I don't live anywhere near KFC in WP but when I was shopping recently I was surprised how loud/annoying it was. Yep I'm middle aged too!
Of course we're all different in that certain noises annoy some of us and not others. I moved from Longfellow a while ago, with 2 kids on one side and 2 kids and a dog the other. Have I found it quieter where I am now? No, because the neighbours are more inconsiderate and the walls thin. But what can you say when workmen are next door at 6.40 am? That's just ignorant.

As for the anti-KFC brigade, okay its not my fave but surely serves a purpose and I can't see why everyone knocks it, especially when we have kebab places etc in WP. I'm just glad we don't have a McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

Alan W - I don't think Environmental Health would have forced KFC to take action if it wasn't a real issue. I went round the back of KFC today to see how loud it really was and god knows how the people in the houses around it have put up with that racket.

You can't hear it that well on Central Road becuase of the general traffic noise, but for the homes behind KFC it must be a nightmare.

youngbuck said...

I used to live in the flat above kfc some years ago. You could hear the fan but not in the flat and it definately wasn't a problem. SO this is something they should have been able to fix if it was ok before. Sounds like the company being too lazy to do anything until forced.
I don't think anyone should underestimate the impact of noise on people's quality of life. It can cause real misery. I am now lucky neough to own a semi detached house in a quiet road way off the high street. It makes a very big difference. The people living near kfc deserve a better quality of life. The smell is already bad enough...

Sarah M said...

Some work was done on 12th March, but unfortunately the noise level remains the same!

Will have to get the EH Officer to wade back in.

Anonymous said...

Problems with KFC:
1)Noise from the plant.
3)Food for foxes from leftovers.
4)Excessive traffic in residential streets.

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