Saturday, 20 March 2010

A host, of golden daffodils...

In response to my tongue-in-cheek blog posting last Sunday, Robert writes:

"As the long-suffering but immensely proud husband of the organising nerve-centre of the Daffodil Day, at which 'PCSO Steve' was spotted and snapped by the Worcester Park Paparazzi, can I chip in with my two bob's worth? 

Firstly, can I thank the WP Blog for publicising what was an amazing and inspiring event. Yes, maybe I am biased by my association with the creative director. I don't, however, tend to heap praise unless fully deserved; wife or no wife. It really was amazing.

I was very pleased that the Brinkster published a photo of what was behind the eight foot law enforcer's valuable presence in Central Road. A Parade with marching band is not something you see every day in our High Street. Indeed, as a resident of WP for over 17 years, this was a first for me. 

Going by the faces of the residents and shopkeepers of Worcester Park it was an exciting first for them too. Many a lump was brought to many a throat by the spirit of community created by the Kingston and Malden Scout and Guides band. What a shame this sort of thing doesn't happen more often. Even those drivers whose journeys were delayed for a few minutes commented on how great it was.

Personally, I take the Blogger's tongue-in-cheek comments about 'PCSO Steve' as exactly that. 'Steve' though, and the rest of the Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhood Team deserve applause rather than mickey taking, not only for their efforts for a large part of the day in supporting the event (and of course, providing crime prevention and safety advice) but also for their attitude towards Worcester Park as a community. 

This was evident in bundles throughout the day. As someone who has worked in public service for nearly 30 years, I am only too aware that such enthusiasm and commitment is a very special and valuable commodity.

PCSO Steve was a big draw for children at the festival and, to the best of my knowledge, only reduced one child to tears - considerably less than Father Christmas manages in Debenhams annually.

Just to put another contributor's mind at rest about the 'Curious case of the Marie Curie daffodil', St Raphael's did not organise the festival nor suggest its theme. Both came from Christ Church with St Philip and the theme was thought up by my talented wife, about a year ago. 

Strange but true, this was because daffodils grow at this time of year and look nice. Sorry if anyone took offence at the apparent 'theft' of the daffodil theme. I can assure it wasn't intended, or even realised.

Can we please have some more events like this in our community? I would like to be part of them."