Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Height Of Confusion

How high is is Worcester Park's railway bridge? Well, the answer now depends on which one of three conflicting warning signs you believe.

According to the sign outside Midas Touch, the nearby bridge is 15 ft 9 inches high...

...but by the time you reach it, the bridge has magically grown an inch another 3 inches to become 16ft high.

Now, Sutton Council has heaped more confusion on the issue by erecting a new sign just a few feet away, proclaiming the bridge to be a whole 6 inches shorter at 15 ft 6 inches high.

So which of these three signs is correct? You decide.

I have forwarded the photos to Sutton Council to see if they can clear up the confusion. 

(P.S: Thanks to blog reader Axlrocky, whose wife noticed the discrepancy in the signs - trust a woman to notice the difference of a few inches...)