Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Height Of Confusion

How high is is Worcester Park's railway bridge? Well, the answer now depends on which one of three conflicting warning signs you believe.

According to the sign outside Midas Touch, the nearby bridge is 15 ft 9 inches high...

...but by the time you reach it, the bridge has magically grown an inch another 3 inches to become 16ft high.

Now, Sutton Council has heaped more confusion on the issue by erecting a new sign just a few feet away, proclaiming the bridge to be a whole 6 inches shorter at 15 ft 6 inches high.

So which of these three signs is correct? You decide.

I have forwarded the photos to Sutton Council to see if they can clear up the confusion. 

(P.S: Thanks to blog reader Axlrocky, whose wife noticed the discrepancy in the signs - trust a woman to notice the difference of a few inches...)

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Paulus said...

I wonder what Kingston Borough have decided to put up on the other side of the bridge!

Axl's wifey said...

Men can't measure it's a fact ;) I've also noticed the same issue around New Malden train station bridge... (but I know that is well out of your remit of investigations!) Look forward to hearing what the council say.

foxy said...

Have you seen the plastic bag that hasbeen put over the height sign outside the midas?also on the kingston signs are 15ft 6 and also 16foot! Who pays these clowns who put up the signs??

The Parkerilla said...

Walking to the station this morning I saw that 4 of the 5 signs at the bridge have now been covered over with black plastic sheeting and gaffer tape leaving one still showing on the Kingston side, 16'. For the sake of those driving 15'9" high lorries lets hope the 16' sign is correct and the now covered over 15'6" one was wrong.

axlrocky said...

Amazing that our militant blogging on many subjects Parkerilla and WP Blogger can get literally no attention from the council yet a moan about road signs has prompted swift and decisive action! WHat did we do right in this blog post that we have done wrong to be ignored on all the others....lib dem mafiosa - answers please!

Worcester Park said...

Axlrocky - the difference with this blog post was that I sent an e-mail to Sutton Council's press office asking for comment.

I've heard nothing back from them, but swift action has clearly been taken.

As I learnt from the KFC noise issue earlier this month, a quick call or e-mail to the Press Office is often the quickest way of getting things done!

axlrocky said...

good work WP Blogger - i maintain my stance from a year ago that if you stood for local election I would vote/campaign for you - you have got more done and are more of a voice for the local community than Burstow,Davey or Kramer will ever be!

WP Blog Rules OK!

kingshill billy said...

Sutton Council is democratic as it uses everybodys money and it is also liberal with the measurements

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