Monday, 15 March 2010

Green Lights for Green Lane?

The plans to link and re-phase all of the sets of traffic lights in Worcester Park are due to be completed this month - according to blog reader Jennifer, the scheme seems already seems to have worked wonders for commuters using Green Lane:

"For the last 4 years, I have been living on The Hamptons estate and the commute along Green Lane and Central/Malden Road originally took approximately 30 minutes on most mornings.

The journey has improved quite considerably since the traffic lights now allows at least eight vehicles through instead of the "snail-pace" four! 

Occasionally, at about 0735 am, I have travelled the full length of Green Lane without stopping (with the lights on green of course)! This has only been possible over the last few months.

Perhaps the flow of traffic has not improved to the extent that one might expect, but progress has prevailed.

There must be someone out there who has also noticed the difference?'

Has your commute been eased by the re-phasing of the lights?

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@JasonJHunter said...

Great News! I am delighted that someone at least is benefitting from the pressure that the LibDem team for Worcester Park have been putting on TfL to finally get to this.

If you remember - the WP Blogger mentioned this in the blog in January 'Terrific Lights'

Cass said...

The traffic on Central Road itself has also improved considerably. The journey from the top of the high street to the station used to take up to 20 minutes some mornings but a few weeks ago this all changed. It was positively eerie this morning, sailing down the high street at 8am with no traffic in sight... and it has been like this most days, apart from the odd day when there's been an accident on the A3 etc. that has a knock on effect.
Is this really just a result of the lights being rephased? If so, why on earth didn't they do it years ago??!!!
In true cynical-Brit style I can't help but think that it won't last... It is too good to be true surely?

Nichu said...

My walk down Green Lane to the station is a lot nicer now you don't have as many cars queueing at the lights. I agree that it won't last though, as it's now a more agreeable drive more people will be tempted to get into their cars. You can't win really...

axlrocky said...

well done jason - you have succeeded in curing the green lane problem by creating a mass queue of traffic down The Avenue which is now restricted to 3 cars at a time and means I the same problem I moved out of green lane to avoid.

I suppose that is not a lib dem issue though as it falls in epsom and not the sutton/kingston lib dem mafioso zone.

Serves me right I suppose for moving out of WP - albeit 10 yards past the boundary marker!

As my monorail idea is clearly not a "goer" in these harsh financial times maybe we can use the budget wisely and reduce unemployment by employing a team of stop/go lollipop men aqnd women to proportion the flow fairly - Mondays and Wednesday The Avenue, Tuesdays and Thursdays Green Lane (Fridays are never busy, how does that work?)

Cass said...

Seems I spoke too soon - traffic was dreadful this morning!!!!

David said...

Hamptons residents appear to have benefitted from the change in phasing but I still see the same old queue of traffic heading down Central Road at 7.45 in the morning. Anyhow, if the change in light phasing allows more cars to exit Green Lane it stands to reason that Central Road traffic is going to slow down to compensate doesn't it? Or maybe I'm missing something.

Gobbo said...

This is great news for those that live in the Hamptons, but now one of the residents has kindly broadcast the fact that Green Lane is flowing bettter, how long will it take for people to start using the back streets down to Green Lane as a rat run?

Pidge said...

i came down from north cheam through central road this morning at 8am. The last time i did this some months ago it was terrible. But today i have never seen it so clear, it was great.

Janette said...

But if you decide to walk to the station from the Pizza Express end of Central Road and use the pedestrian crossing by Costa, you can wait for quite a long time for the lights to go to red. I have time constraints as well!! ( Note to self - use lights near Pizza Express in future)

Jon C said...

The traffic flow has improved a little but it needs to improve further.

Money needs to be spent modelling the traffic flow not only at Green Lanes lights, but also the lights at the Station and all the way down to the A3.

What would help is a Bus layby by the Worcester Park Pub to ease the bottle neck that isn't helped by stopping buses.

coffee man said...

Jon C There used to be a lay by for buses but it was taken away 4/5 years ago by TFL to enable better access for people with mobility problems and also to prevent buses being held up trying to re-enter the traffic flow.
What would also help in the future would be to have filter lights to the station from WP and to the Avenue from New Malden . But Hey Ho what do we know we only live in the area !!!

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