Monday, 8 March 2010

Going Native

This blog isn't just read by people in Worcester Park, you know - I have a loyal band of ex-pats who read the blog from as exotic far away places like South Africa, the USA and New Malden.

Last year I brought you some fantastic photos and information on Worcester Park House which were sent to me by Jeff, a blog reader and keen local historian.

John Nolan from Australia e-mailed to tell me that he is a relative of one of the last occupants of Worcester Park House.

I put him in touch with Jeff who tells me:

"John, whom I contacted off-blog, is descended from the occupants of Worcester Park House. Fredrick Wheeler, his great-great-great grandfather, emigrated to Australia and became an Inspector in the Queensland Native Police who were instructed to 'disperse' aboriginals living near European homesteads. 

Frederick interpreted this instruction over zealously and was responsible for many deaths. He was tried and found guilty of of a particularly horrible crime (beating a 10 year old aboriginal lad to death) but managed to escape from prison. 

John doesn't believe the reports that Frederick died in Java in 1882. I have suggested that he made it back to England and spent his remaining days in hiding in Worcester Park House to escape the hangman's noose but then I always did have a vivid imagination!"

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Peter Fox said...

I too am a decendent of the Wheelers of Worcester Park, (and before that Bolingbroke House) and live in Toowoomba Qld. I have Frederick's journals for his trip to Australia in 1850 on the "Senator", and would love to correspond with John Nolan.

Jeff said...

Peter - if you contact me off blog on I will give you John Nolan's e-mail address and a copy of the batch of material he sent me about Fred who by all accounts was a bit of a barsteward towards the Aborigines (though he didn't mind mating with them).

John Nolan said...

Hi Peter and Jeff,
Peter I would love to correspond with you and look forward to hearing from you. You can email me at I live and work in Sydney and am happy to share all I have with you.
Jeff I have come across Henry Wheeler's probate listing from 1874 in which his estate was valued at near 350,000 pounds - no wonder the Wheelers could live so well! Kind regards.

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