Friday, 19 March 2010

Worcester Parking Permits?

Residents in parts of Worcester Park could face annual charges for parking under proposals  to introduce a 'Controlled Parking Zone' (CPZ).

Sutton Council has begun a public consultation to seek residents' views on introducing the CPZ on roads in central Worcester Park..

One option under consideration is for the introduction of a permit-holders only scheme, with residents charged £40 per year for a permit and pay and others required to 'pay and display' during controlled hours. Businesses within the CPZ would face annual of £320 per vehicle for parking on-street.

The second option is the introduction of a 'free-bay scheme', with single yellow lines on the affected roads being controlled between allocated hours, with only a limite number of 'free bays' to allow residents and visitors to park.

The free bay scheme would mean residents would be unable to park all day outside their homes, unless in one of the limited number of 'free bays'.

The roads earmarked for possible introduction of the CPZ are:
  • Green Lane
  • Longfellow Road
  • Lincoln Road
  • Caldbeck Avenue
  • Washington Road
  • Brinkley Road
  • St Philips Avenue
  • Lindsay Road
  • Browning Avenue
  • Windsor Road
  • Hampton Road
  • Moreton Road
  • Balmoral Road
  • Donnington Road
A public exhibition, with the opportunity to view more details of the proposals and question council Officers about the proposals will be held at Green Lane Primary School next Wednesday (24th March) from 5pm to 5pm and Thursday (25th March) from 6pm to 10pm.

If you live in the affected road, would you welcome the introduction of a Controlled Parking Zone?