Friday, 19 March 2010

Worcester Parking Permits?

Residents in parts of Worcester Park could face annual charges for parking under proposals  to introduce a 'Controlled Parking Zone' (CPZ).

Sutton Council has begun a public consultation to seek residents' views on introducing the CPZ on roads in central Worcester Park..

One option under consideration is for the introduction of a permit-holders only scheme, with residents charged £40 per year for a permit and pay and others required to 'pay and display' during controlled hours. Businesses within the CPZ would face annual of £320 per vehicle for parking on-street.

The second option is the introduction of a 'free-bay scheme', with single yellow lines on the affected roads being controlled between allocated hours, with only a limite number of 'free bays' to allow residents and visitors to park.

The free bay scheme would mean residents would be unable to park all day outside their homes, unless in one of the limited number of 'free bays'.

The roads earmarked for possible introduction of the CPZ are:
  • Green Lane
  • Longfellow Road
  • Lincoln Road
  • Caldbeck Avenue
  • Washington Road
  • Brinkley Road
  • St Philips Avenue
  • Lindsay Road
  • Browning Avenue
  • Windsor Road
  • Hampton Road
  • Moreton Road
  • Balmoral Road
  • Donnington Road
A public exhibition, with the opportunity to view more details of the proposals and question council Officers about the proposals will be held at Green Lane Primary School next Wednesday (24th March) from 5pm to 5pm and Thursday (25th March) from 6pm to 10pm.

If you live in the affected road, would you welcome the introduction of a Controlled Parking Zone?

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Carl said...

Green lane I can understand, as a lot of commuters park down here rather than paying in the station car park, but to charge residents for the privilege of parking outside their own home is not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

At long last Sutton Council realise that Worcester Park is one big car park !! Longfellow Road or as it is affectionally/or not called ""The longfellow Road Car Park""

surely there is somewhere to build a car park rather than the residents having to suffer day after day not being able to park in their own road`

big ed said...

yet another tax on the poor innocent motorist soon they will tax the air we breathe

Kathie said...

The roads south of Central Road are used as car parks by people who work in Worcester Park, especially the Well Known Supermarket. It amazes me that with a good local bus and train service, people still choose to drive to work in Worcester Park and I would also like employers to encourage staff to cycle.

Sandi said...

Any parking scheme to prevent local traders and others with commercial vehicles parking overnight (and sometimes all day as well) in Longfellow Road would be an enormous boon. We are, after all, a residential road; without Transits and the like, we householders would not have any problems parking our family cars. And why do shoppers, parked on the pavement straddling the yellow line, not use Stone Place car park? I have yet to see any Penalty Notices issued here for this offence.

Anonymous said...

Big Ed, good point! There's a glaringly obvious connection between 'the air we breathe' and the 'poor innocent motorist', via the many toxins emitted from the exhaust pipe of your car.

Who do you think should pay for all the pollution that your car throws out? Maybe restrictive parking facilities will prompt hitherto unthinking residents to think before driving half a mile to a local school?

Statistically, at least one survey has found Greenwich to have the worst air quality in London. The worst child asthma rate in London is, guess where?, Yep, also in Greenwich.

J Skillin said...

yipee can't wait. Stop all those people that park in Longfellow Road and walk to the station!!!

I don't care what it costs, it will be worth it!!

Jeff said...

I denounce Anonymous as a car hater who wishes to impose his minority view on the democratic majority who choose to drive. Anonymous writes as if drivers paid no taxes at all for the now very small amount of 'toxins' produced by modern engines - far smaller than the toxins produced by Anonymous's central heating or hot water boiler.

Sutton Council couldn't care less about parking problems in the Longfellow Road area. They care only about money, money, money and lots of it to cover up their incompetence as financial administrators and their ability to keep costs down.

It is a priciple established since Roman times that citizens who pay the most taxes get the most rights. This attack on car owners by Anonymous and Sutton Council is a form of terrorism directed against the democratic majority and should be ruthlessly crushed by the People of Worcester Park.

The Dutchman said...

Having previously lived in Washington Rd before the present location on the "dark side" of the railway bridge, I never found the problem to be parking during the day. There were generally half-a-dozen spots outside the house daytime. It was if you came back anytime between 6pm and 10pm that it was nigh on impossible to park.

Thus making this fairly pointless in my humble...

David said...

I say let us residents park outside our own homes - with a free permit - and charge those who park in these roads but don't live there. Why should I pay for a permit? Recoup the money spent on the scheme from non-residents I say.

OldMaldy said...

It seems to be more commonplace these days for permits. I would have no problem if permits were free and subsequents permits were at a minimal charge for the year, although it would be preferable if they were free as well

When I lived on the south coast, the city car permits were free, unless you had more than one car, then you had to pay for the others, which I thought was ok. You could buy permits for your visitors too. Non residents had to pay for parking, unless it was between 10.30pm and 7.30am. Fines for non payment were 40 quid a pop as I remember and something like that might discourage people from parking. But I guess to enforce that we'd have to have traffic wardens in WP.

The "free bay scheme" sounds like it would make parking worse, not better.

Anonymous - "Maybe restrictive parking facilities will prompt hitherto unthinking residents to think before driving half a mile to a local school?" That's a very sweeping statement to make unless you sit and watch the traffic parking and know where they've come from.

Anonymous said...

When I read dismissive opinions like Jeff’s, on the subject of the environment, I am reminded that 200 years ago, similarly vigorous arguments were made in defence of the slave trade. Fortunately, that issue was not simply decided by those who paid the most taxes, or those who shouted the loudest, or by those who had the most to lose, but by more thoughtful analysis.

These parking proposals and discussions appear to be a thoughtful step forward. If nothing else, it’s an important issue that’s now both on the Council’s agenda and open for comment. I can’t understand why anyone of sound mind would want the issue urgently buried, unless they are dearly wedded to thoughtless car use and grid-locked traffic!

In Roman times, Britons were not citizens, as Jeff appears to believe, but were merely regarded as an enslaved resource by Rome. (Not unlike how Jeff sees a parking space outside another resident’s home). Just as today, the Romans built roads to make travelling faster and more efficient, not for self-centred local residents to block!

For all his references to the democratic process, judging by his frame of mind, I imagine Jeff will be driving and parking his car (perhaps cars), wherever and whenever he likes, despite Sutton Council, speed cameras, yellow lines, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, parking permits or any other democratic or legal requirement.

OldMaldy, I invite you to attend the unfolding school run outside Cheam Common Infants School ... but don’t travel there by car! There you will discover long lines of static traffic for children to walk between, find the utter chaos of impatient drivers with fraying tempers, witness shouting matches between car owners who refuse to give way, watch residents confronting owners of vehicles blocking their driveway and occasionally hear the crash of a driver trying to utilise a space a foot shorter than their 4x4 pride and joy. I have no idea of the catchment area of this school, but I can’t believe it can be far beyond walking distance – and believe me, walking is quicker!

Andrew B said...

More strangulation of general freedoms - for crying out loud leave well alone. Sutton Council stop mucking about with Worcester Park ! It is rapidly becoming municipalised and fast losing the character for which I live here.

Anonymous said...

We used to have a high street wide enough to park cars down either side & still have room for 2 lanes of moving traffic. At great expense the width was reduced and a small number of parking bays put in. For reasons which can only be revenue raising these bays are restricted so it's possible to park in a bay where it's impossible to further restrict the traffic flow and still get a ticket (it's happened to me).

We used to have a huge car park in stoneplace. It didn't have the smoothest tarmac but it was free and provided space for commercial vehicles so they didn't have to park on the local streets.A large portion of it was sold off to Waitrose.

We used to have a thriving High street.

Local resident said...

Just a couple of points I would like to mention...

As someone who doesn't live a proposed controlled area but in the road next to one (Pembury Ave) I am curious as to why I haven't recieved a consultation notice. If Green Lane's parking changes it will directly effect the parking in my road too! If not for this lovely blog I would not have a clue about these proposed changes and may have woken one morning to 'Pembury Avenue Car Park' instead!

Another point to make regarding driving to the school - my son goes to Cheam Common and more often than not I walk... but there are occasions when I drive, usually because I am shooting off to work straight away. I ALWAYS park where there is a space, never over a driveway and I stay well away from Hampton Road and Kingsmead so to avoid the major traffic. In response to Annonymous about the queues of traffic around the area in the morning - it would interesting if YOU took a survey of just how many of these cars are other poeople on their way to work or simply leading their lives - how happy would you be if the working Mums and Dads who have to do school drop offs would not open their businesses or be able to take your calls until they have done the school run and then made their way to work. The working day would not start until 10. Would that suit you?

Worcester Park said...

Good point about the surrounding roads - whilst I can see the need for a CPZ in the roads immediately around the station all it will do is displace motorists onto surrounding roads which will become even more congested with parked cars. As Sutton Council's proposed CPZ would be right on the border with Kingston Council's area, I suspect those in search of free parking for the station will simply hop over to the neighbouring Borough!

Anonymous said...

Local Resident, courtesy of Google, and without taking a survey, I can calculate that it takes 12 minutes to walk the 0.6 miles from Pembury Avenue to Cheam Common Infants School, so it’s 24 minutes for a round trip. I wonder how much of that 24 minutes you save by travelling by car along Green Lane, up Central Road, then, as you say, unfailingly locating somewhere responsible to park, away from the school, then continuing the last leg on foot, then returning to your car and finally driving back into Central Road and beginning your stop-start route to work?

I’m unconvinced by your “don’t have time” justification for having to drive 0.6 miles. I suspect the reason is nearer you “don’t have the inclination”. Regrettably, too many people similarly lack that inclination, hence residents, including many working mums and dads and business owners of Hampton and Kingsmead are unable to go about their working lives – not that this is of any concern to the “half-mile school runners”.

Happily, Sutton Council are working on providing that inclination. If you did indeed wake up to find Pembury Avenue has become a car park, as other streets have become, I suspect you views might change ever so slightly.

Local resident said...

In reply to Anonymous (again) - I do in fact walk every day, but with children in tow it takes considerably longer than 12 minutes to get up the hill! So for the trip there it takes at least 25 mins, then I obviously wait to see my child into school, and then I walk home again, all in all at least a 45 minute round trip. I would therefore not get home until 9.25 and then have to drive ANYWAY to get to work. On the times I do drive I take the back routes therefore avoiding the main road as much as possible.

Unfortunately in an area such as WP it is inevitable that there will be traffic at school times, it being a major through route. Of course in an ideal world all children would walk to school but this is not the world we live in. I do agree that there are parents around who do jump in their car for what most would consider a short trip, but it is by no means all of us!

Anonymous said...

HOORAY ! about time I live very near Cheam Common Schools and my children go there. I am sick of the people who drive their children to school and insist on parking in the roads closest to the school gates. It makes the school road so busy and extremly dangerous for those children, from the upper years of the Junior School,walking to school on their own to cross the road safely. If these parents cant take the sensible decision themselves to park a bit further away (which they obviouly never do) then the permits can only be a good thing.

Bow to the Motor Car said...

I agree with Jeff, motor vehicles don’t cause pollution. It’s actually caused by vegetarians, who are forever idly breaking wind. And let’s get one thing clear: It’s not my beautiful motor causing the congestion – it’s caused by all the ones sitting idly in front of mine and all those idly sitting behind it.

The answer’s obvious! Turn all the school playgrounds into a FREE car parks, then there wouldn’t be this problem and car drivers (who actually, the Romans invented roads for) wouldn’t have all this inconvenience. And if that doesn’t solve the problem, the Council just need to requisition the front gardens of the nearby houses without cars (since front gardens were invented to store cars).

Sutton Council shouldn’t be trying to stop us using our cars to drive our kids to school or using someone else’s property to park on. Instead, they should be trying to find the teachers to blame for our kids being obese, despite however many times our kids exercise around the block (in the back of our motors).

These environmentalist types are just so selfish and stupid! They’re ‘green’ because they’re green with envy, having to jump aside, as we do 70mph through pedestrian crossings. It’s a good job our KT4 Car Lobby is represented by the intelligent drivers, who talk a lot of sense.

Missgiggles said...

Oh great!..another extra tax for Sutton Council to get more money out of there WP residents.
I really don't think this is the answer at all.

I have lived in Lindsay Road for 6 years at the top end by the mini roundabout and work full time so I have never been guranteed a space outside my house but you just get on with it like everything else.
All I will say is that I wish residents were a bit more thoughtful of other motorists when parking there car..i.e taking up a space that can hold 2 cars!! Not great when you've been at work all day and just want to park up quick and get in, instead your having to go round the block to look for another space.

Jeff said...

Anonymous should realise that slavery was not abolished, we just let you live at home these days.

'Bow to the Motor Car' is being unrealistic when he expects residents to give up their front gardens and school playgrounds for additional parking space.

We all know at the end of the day there is only one workable solution that will end both parking problems and traffic congestion at a stroke.

In both main roads and side roads we have to get rid of the pavements. I know it will cause difficulties during the transition stage but sooner or later we're going to have to bite on the bullet and do it.

Anonymous doesn't realise that public transport is what is called in marketing terms a 'distress purchase'. You only choose it if you have no option ie too young, too poor, on the waiting list for the cataract op or you work in central London where it's not practical to drive to work. Even wnen we get rid of the pavements.

Somebody else suggested employers should encourage staff to cycle to work. On the contrary it is in every company's interests to persuade its staff to drive to work. They have less sickies due to germs caught on crowded buses, they arrive at work feeling far fresher (once they've learnt the best rat-runs round quiet residential areas) and staff can still get to work in bus or train strikes.

And as we know, most cyclists are probably vegetarians. Do you really want to work in a shop or office surrounded by vegetarians?

Captain America said...

Jeff, are you planning to run for election in May?

If so, you have my vote!

(And yes, I am serious!)

BenjyP said...

I'll vote as well, but Captain America is the lamest of all of the superheroes, perhaps with the exception of the Green Lantern. However if you are an American captain from the Military, I will let you off the name, but query why you aren't in Afghanistan shooting British troops.

Rick said...

For those defending the concept of maintaining a car on the road that they cannot afford: you may find viagra works out cheaper!

Janette said...

I live in one of the roads that may be affected and I don't really care as I have a driveway!! What really annoys me is that the staff of the well known supermarket use our road as a car park as do the residents who have 4 cars each and no driveway.

Anonymous said...

What residents have to remember is, that these proposals are at 'consultation' stage. If we do not like either of the two proposals, we must return the forms with the ticked 'do nothing' option. It seems to me that there will be limited spaces for residents who have to purchase residents parking permits if that option goes ahead, and even fewer spaces with option 2 - free parking bays for anyone, but not many of them. So with either option there will be even less chance of finding a parking space in your street if you are not lucky enough to have your own drive to park on.
I very rarely get to park anywhere near my house, even so, I do not welcome either of the Council's two proposals as I fear that I will have an even harder time trying to park in my street with fewer spaces than their are now. Why should we pay to park in our own streets, we already do that by paying road tax!
As someone mentioned earlier, parking is at it's worst in the evenings and weekends, not during the day time in my opinion.

Mr Magoo said...

This whole idea is indeed a clear attempt to make money - and a lot of money.

However, the idea that the road is a commuter car park isn't sustained by the facts.

If you walk down Longfellow Road in the early hours of a weekday morning, if anything there are more cars there than during the day! The idea that it's being widely used as a car park for the station really doesn't stack up. Do you see a trail of people from the station to Longfellow Road and then driving off? I never have.

The main reason traffic is terrible down there is that (a) the road is narrow and (b) anyone wanting to park on Longfellow Road has to do heavy manoevering onto and off the kerb - the best solution here is to widen the road into the pavement = quicker parking and less pollution.

At any rate PLEASE respond to the consultation if you're affected. I hope this doesn't go through - another expense on bureaucracy that's not necessary.

Anonymous said...

I live in Washington Road one of the affected roads in the Council's proposed schemes. I am not happy about either of the proposals and wish they would leave well alone. For the last ten years, I have also had a copy of the Sutton Guardian delivered every week so that I know what is going on in my area. This has now stopped, and I am saddened that I can no longer read what is going on in my local community, especially what is happening with these unpopular resident parking proposals. Please bring back the Sutton Guardian deliveries to Washington Road !!!!!

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