Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Clean Lane

Grace Church (that's the name of a church, by the way, not a woman called Grace) is organising a clean-up of the area around Green Lane School this Sunday (28th March). Everyone is welcome to join them.

They will provide rubbish sacks and refreshments (as opposed to sacks and rubbish refreshments) so all you need to bring is some thick gloves and sturdy boots.

If you are free to lend a hand, you can meet up with the group at 3pm on Sunday outside Green Lane School.

For more details check out their website at

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Andrew B said...

It's good that there is this kind of self-help around. Most people don't give a monkey's about their surroundings - one reason why council tenants moan about their substandard homes; they don't lift a finger.
Mind you, if there is a litter problem outside Green lane school it makes you wonder what we are paying our Council Tax for.

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