Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Case Of Disappearing Books

At the beginning of last month, I told you about further ideas which the Worcester Park Station Volunteer Group had for improving the experience of using the station - one of which was the creation of a book-sharing library for commuters.

The library scheme is already up and running, but blog reader Jane has spotted that commuters seem to be a lot better at borrowing the books than returning them:

"I noticed yesterday that all the books in the bookcase had gone and as yet nobody has brought any back. 

I wondered if you could highlight this little initiative and tell everyone to bring their old and unwanted books down there and to please return them when they have finished? 

It is a community-spirited idea to try and make the environment of Worcester Park a little bit nicer - I am sure with a bit of support it will work a treat!"

Of course it could just be that we are merely a town of bookworms and all the books are being read and enjoyed and will be returned to the bookcase at the station shortly.

If you have borrowed one of the books, don't forget to return it so that other commuters can enjoy it too.