Friday, 19 February 2010

The Spirit Of Churchill

Following my blog post last week about the OFSTED inspection at Doris Venner Pre-school in Worcester Park, the school's manager Maria Churchill has been in touch with me to thank those who have supported her in her fight and to voice her scathing criticism of the OFSTED inspection process:

"It's been a difficult time for the pre school but we have learnt a lot about the OFSTED process! 

More organisations, schools and parents need to be aware not ALL OFSTED inspections are correct. 

During ours we hardly saw the Inspector - she spent most of the two sessions she was there in our office! OFSTED deal with complaints against them, there is no independent review. 

I have found they lie, don't pass information on and their investigation process is biased. The OFSTED inspector was given our letter of complaint to read prior to her interview, she didn't keep her handwritten notes despite the fact I logged my complaint initially by phone the day after our inspection. 

If you read the evidence we have received it is all very biased. We will continue to fight - all we want is a re-inspection and for this one to be void.

Thanks to everyone talking time to write."