Wednesday, 17 February 2010

These Green & Pleasant Lanes

I fear any blog post which opens 'Sutton Council has launched a public consultation' may force you to slump over your keyboard, emitting a huge groan of boredom.

However, those still awake may be interested to know about the consultation is looking at improving the streets in and around the Green Lane area of Worcester Park.

As this is a joint project with the neighbouring Borough of Kingston, both councils will be consulting on their respective areas, looking at a range of options for improving the streets (from paving and crossings to lighting, signage, trees and traffic management).

What confuses me most is how (and why) they have chosen this particular area for the project. Kingston's area is within the grey boundary on the map below, with Sutton Council's area within the red boundary.

I can understand Worcester Park station and Central Road being priority areas, but the bulk of the area consists of residential roads. 

Unless I have missed something these roads are no more nor less worthy of attention than any others in Worcester Park, so quite why they have been singled out for special treatment (and what that special treatment is going to be) remains to be seen. 

Moreover would public money not be better spent on improvements that the whole of Worcester Park can benefit from and not just a randomly selected few?

You can read more about Sutton Council's plans here and, if you are so inclined, complete their online questionnaire about your priorities and concerns.