Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Police Don't Make Me Laugh

Last week I brought you the story (and pictures) of the farcical goings in Old Malden when the Metropolitan Police's (im)mobile police office found itself stuck in the mud of Plough Green. 

The blog posting caught the attention of the Surrey Comet who have run the story on page 6 of this week's edition (and because they asked nicely, I let them use one of the photos as well).

Kingston Police were, I understand, not best pleased with me for exposing these goings on - but then I wasn't best pleased with them pouring valuable police resources to spend almost two hours dragging a van out of the mud. 

The icing on the cake has to be the statement given to the Surrey Comet by a police source (as opposed to a police horse - although it might as well have been a police horse given the steaming pile of crap that was emitted).

When asked why police resources were tied up trying to pull the vehicle from the mud rather than using a civilian recovery service, the police source/police horse told the Comet that:

"...their vehicles had to be repaired or assisted using their own contractors, because external service providers such as the AA would not have the technical expertise to fix their specialist vehicles.."


Well then in that case thank goodness they could call on their own contractors (police officers) with the necessary technical expertise (ropes) that were needed to pull a specialist vehicle (a white van) out of the mud in an instant (two hours).