Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Prints Charming

I see that Jason J Hunter, would-be Liberal Democrat Councillor for Worcester Park, has been eulogizing about More Than Lofts on his own blog.

(Incidentally, I have no idea what the 'J' stands for. Mind you, he's a Liberal Democrat so quite probably even the 'J' isn't exactly clear what it stands for).

The jist of the blog post is that More Than Lofts came swiftly to the rescue to help get a big printer into Paul Burstow MP's campaign office - no doubt a brand new printer that will be churning out plenty of pre-election campaign literature.

So next time a Lib Dem leaflet plops through your door you know who to thank.

More Than Lofts also do conservatories. As well as Liberal Democrats. Fnarr, fnarr, fnar.

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ThingsCanOnlyGetBetter said...

I assume they were cheap LABOUR. Groan.

Anonymous said...

As I read through Jason J Hunter's post, I had visions of Laurel and Hardy delivering the piano in 'The Music Box'. We can only hope that someone had the foresight to switch on and test the printer, before the new window sealed it in its new home.

I wonder how much the printer cost? And how much was the cost of replacing the glass that didn't need replacing? Just out of interest, you understand. I'm really just trying to understand the methodology behind Council Tax calculations.

@jasonjhunter said...

lol - Anonymous :-)

It actually went very smoothly, I was pleasantly suprised.

On the 2nd point - the printer is replacing a 9 year old model in the office and is totally unrelated to to your (or my council tax). The glass also wasnt replaced - MoreThan put back the glass they took out.

I hope this goes some way to helping answer your Q's. If you need more explanation then please mail me/contact me via my website.

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