Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Inconclusive Proof

Local MPs Edward Davey & Susan Kramer have published extracts from documents that they claim confirm what they've been saying about the threat to close Kingston Hospital's Maternity and A&E departments.

You can read the documents on their campaign website - www.savekingstonhospital.org.uk

The scanned pages do indeed confirm that a number of SW London hospital departments are under review - but then I don't think anyone really doubted that that was the case.

You can read the documents for yourself, but from what I can see they are merely setting out number of possible scenarios for the future of healthcare delivery in the area; the closure of the two departments at Kingston Hospital being just one of a number of possible permutations.

Depending on your interpretation, there is the potential to launch a plethora of 'Save [Insert Name] Hospital' campaigns.

Which, one might cynically suspect, is what more politicians will be doing as the general election draws inexorably closer.