Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Inconclusive Proof

Local MPs Edward Davey & Susan Kramer have published extracts from documents that they claim confirm what they've been saying about the threat to close Kingston Hospital's Maternity and A&E departments.

You can read the documents on their campaign website - www.savekingstonhospital.org.uk

The scanned pages do indeed confirm that a number of SW London hospital departments are under review - but then I don't think anyone really doubted that that was the case.

You can read the documents for yourself, but from what I can see they are merely setting out number of possible scenarios for the future of healthcare delivery in the area; the closure of the two departments at Kingston Hospital being just one of a number of possible permutations.

Depending on your interpretation, there is the potential to launch a plethora of 'Save [Insert Name] Hospital' campaigns.

Which, one might cynically suspect, is what more politicians will be doing as the general election draws inexorably closer.

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axlrocky said...

agreed - very inconclusive - name the 4 chief execs who you claim back up these claims Davey, then maybe we will listen - good objective reporting WP Blogger

Paul said...

I received a copy of the Lib Dem newspaper through the door yesterday, with a huge front page spread proclaiming the courageous activities of our plucky MPs championing the cause of Kingston Hospital against the might of their axe-wielding overlords. The blatancy of the misrepresentation is shameful.

Bart said...

Hi, there is evidence and we have issued a number of freedom of information requests to find out more :
Please keep an eye on the web site for more info.
regard to all in Worcester Park.

Cllr Bart Ricketts

Rick said...

"Vote for us to save the NHS" isn't exactly an innovative General Election campaign slogan. I suspect most of us are keenly waiting for the results to emerge from this experiment, rather than thoughtlessly jumping on a familiar bandwagon.

If the Lib Dems are right, they stand to be richly rewarded on polling day. But they are not; they are likely to get absolutely crucified.

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