Saturday, 6 February 2010

I Have Run Out Of Loft Puns

After the recent blog kerfuffle over More Than Lofts, Stacy Owens one of the owners of the business has been in touch with me to introduce the business and give his side of the story.

"I will try and give you a brief history of More Than Lofts so that maybe you will have a clearer idea of what we are about.

I live in Worcester Park and saw that the premises where we now occupy were up for let. We made enquiries with the agent and was told that the shop was due for immediate letting or it was going to be sold.

So I paid a deposit with a grand plan of turning the shop/office into a place where potential customers could come and see what we are about. If anyone had seen the premises when Ember Travel were here you might appreciate the work that was involved in getting it ready to open!

One of the major setbacks was that we had to wait sixteen weeks for the L.E.B to move our supply from the flat upstairs into our premises.We were also inundated with work which meant that I did not have the available manpower to finish the place as quick as I would have wanted.

It would have been rather foolish of me to employ another company to finish the works that we had started.
I employ a large work force that also are from the local area with 6 of them residing in Worcester Park. 

We have not stopped working for the past two years and we have jobs booked in that will see us have work over the next 6 months. We have done all of this without the need of borrowing money or with the help of a business overdraft which as a small company is no mean feat. 

We have carried out many jobs in the local area but we also carry out a large amount of work in London. All of our previous clients have been delighted with the work that we have carried out and we grow daily on our
reputation as a company that offers good value and a honest service.

Next time that you may want to write a comment please remember that you may be damaging our reputation needlessly if you do not have the full facts.

I welcome anyone to come in and visit us and perhaps they may be surprized by what we can offer.

P.S: Lastly I would just like to say that the flooring is not laminate but a highly sought after hard wearing floor."

You can find more details of their services at

Sadly there's no word from Stacy on my ideas for an opening concert but I shan't let that deter me from planning my extravaganza.

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Paul said...

Blimey Stacy, don't look the gift horse too closely in the mouth.

"Next time that you may want to write a comment please remember that you may be damaging our reputation needlessly if you do not have the full facts."

I'm thinking of renting a shop on Central Road, putting a name over the door, and then boarding up the windows to see if WP generates the sort of free advertising for my business that you have enjoyed here for the last few days.

Rick said...

Stacey, many thanks for putting the record straight.

It would be entirely inappropriate for anyone to criticise a specialist loft conversion company that had so dramatically failed to undertake its own conversion.

Other traders, (even charity shops) seem to be able to get up and running all along the high street, seemingly without the problematic issues, which you have encountered. Maybe you could ask them to share their expertise?

Or maybe I should ask the Heart Foundation to convert my loft?

Anonymous said...

Stacy - I don't doubt that your company is very good at what it does. I take my hat off to you for opening this shop/office in the midst of a recession and I am delighted that you are continuing to base your company in Worcester Park and give employment to people in the local area.

However, your More Than Lofts shop is doing you absolutely no favours. If you were so busy that you didn't have the time to fit it out and had no manpower to do it then why on earth did you rent the premises in the first place? Surely the whole point of the shop is to drum up more business, yet you are telling us you are too busy even to fit out your own shop, let alone service the new business that it will generate.

That aside, now that the shop is open, precisely what is it supposed to be saying about More Than Lofts? A sample of flooring in the window and a shower in the corner is not selling your company at all well. The opportunity to promote and sell what your company does is there, but you have chosen to completely miss that opportunity.

I'm sure that your company is great at what it does, but your marketing skills and the whole idea behind your new shop unit leaves a lot to be desired.

I wish you and your company well, but please read and learn from the comments on this blog.

Anonymous said...

They fit loft conversions, not shops for heavens sake, and he clearly said, they were held up by the L.E.B. or something (I can't remember his words but he did explain why the shop has been empty for so long). You lot are always so bloody cynical, you want to support your local traders and buisness and here you are, taking the piss out of this bloke and his company.

Stacy, don't worry mate, we're thinking of getting a quote from you, just the mere sign outside that shop got us thinking about how nice it would be to get a local company in to do the work.

I'll leave the rest of you to your cynical lives.

Andrew H said...

I cant understand why everyone on here is so so critical of this place. I agree with the most recent anonymous, (although where's the harm of using a name, even a fake one to distinguish one post from another!), they've filled an empty shop on the high street with a viable, and very useful business, especially in these times when lots of people are converting rather than moving.

You can see what they do, they have pictures of the work they do at the shop, and on their website, and on the vans that I regularly see driving around. So what if they have, for whatever reason, taken a while to fit out the shop and get it open, the business is running, and clear to see. As above, they do loft conversions, not shop fittings, and they are busy!! Is that a crime? For a business to be BUSY?

I don't see any other companies knocking down the door to move in to the premises, surely its better for the high street that there is at least the embryo of a good business taking up the space, rather than another hair salon, (the 14th!!!!) or a charity shop, or it just sitting derelict. They will undoubtedly get the shop open and fitted out in good time, and i think its a joke that all people can do is criticise.

Maybe they don't need your advice about how to run their company, maybe they are prioritising their time in line with their business model, and if its working, then good on them. The shop will eventually be open, and it will hopefully draw business from Worcester park, and, more crucially, miles beyond, (no thanks to all the people putting them down on here, without actually having any experience of the work they do), and that is so important for all of us. Will people really travel from surrounding towns to visit just another salon or bookies that are to be found in any shop parade in the country?

I say be patient, and stop being so quick to smother a new enterprise before its properly gotten off the ground.

BenjyP said...

In the red corner "The Cynics" in the blue corner "The Optimists"



Anonymous said...

So, would anyone care to blame the French?

Since the privatised LEB is now owned by state owned EDF Energy (Electricit√© de France - boo, hiss), there’s probably slightly more merit in this suggestion, than in any other comment above it. [I could ramble on endlessly or fill the comment with obscenities, but that’s clearly already been done here].

Janet said...

I thought the original post was quite amusing and in keeping with the tone of the blog, and it publised the fact that more than lofts is now open (which i didn't know). Went past it the other day and it loos alright. Personally i think the owners have over reacted in quite a defensive and unpleasant manner. The only people giving them bad publicity is themselves

WP Lad said...

I think they've had a sense of humour failure on this one - the amount of free publicity/mentions they've gotten on this blog is priceless! More Than Lofts is fast becoming a Worcester Park cult (yes, I did spell that right). Do they do t-shirts?

Andrew H said...

I agree that it is getting very well known, but for all the wrong reasons! You could say Gary Glitter got a lot of free publicity shortly after taking his computer into PC world, but i don't reckon it improved sales of his albums very much.

Tony said...

If you want to see a "More Than Lofts" product drive down Colborne Way. The company was highly recommended to me by the guy who did my plans. From the start I got on very well with Stacey, the owner of the company. He and his team have done a fantastic job on my home and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them to anyone. After a couple of weeks working for us we asked him to do a lot more work and ended up going for a whole new roof and internal extras. I think he is a great bloke and the whole team polite, tidy and professional from day one till the last day. Knowing him as I do (factual more than speculation!) His shop has taken longer because of customers like me making more and more demands for extras on our homes and being the guy he is he commits and puts the customers first.I personally gave him four weeks of extras and I know he had about six jobs running at the time. I guess all the negative comments and jibes are by people that dont know him or the firm. From a satisfied customer. Great guys, Great job, Great price = great firm!

Andy said...

What sad, cynical people hide behind their computer screens in Worcester Park...

Im currently having my loft converted by More Than Lofts and can only echo the comments left by Tony. Stacey and his men have been hard-working, considerate and done an amazing job so far. The company is a Worcester Park success story and should be fanfared rather than shot down because their smart new office hasnt opened as quickly as some people would have liked. After getting a few quotes for the work, the More Than Lofts proposal was by far the most impressive and professional, and very competitive too. My experience of the company has been 100% positive and I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Pugh said...

I totally agree with Andy, Tony and Andrew H. People who write on this blog are just sad, cynical misfits, (well, all except Andrew, Andy and Tony and of course me). More Than lofts is a totally brilliant company. My brother totally agrees with me, as do all my friends, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb.

When it comes to the Save Kingston Hospital Campaign, we should rally around this worthy cause. I for one, firmly believe this hospital would provide a much better service if all its loft space had loft conversions. And since someone has again raised the subject of loft conversions, let me say that More Than lofts is a totally brilliant company.

On Broadway Bargains and Venner pre-school,
I am disappointed to read of this school’s critical report. But I for one am certain that Venner pre-school’s rating would be much improved if its loft was converted. I also love Broadway Bargains, but can’t help feeling it could be even better if its loft were converted. And since someone keeps raising the subject of loft conversions, I will take the opportunity to write that More Than Lofts is a totally brilliant company.

Rick said...

Has the LOFTwaffe formation buzzed off? It's all gone quiet on the More Than Lifts front - is it safe to sound the 'all clear'?

Anonymous said...

Yep, it is again all clear of the people who don't tow the line, the WP blog cronies can crawl back out of the woodwork and start spouting their useless diatribe again. Heaven forbid there be an actual mixture of different opinions allowed to flow on here without an onslaught of cheap sarcastic put downs.

@jasonjhunter said...

Heya folks me again - thought I'd post a quickie here related to the fab service we received today in the office from More Than Lofts Ltd.

We were let down yesterday by a double glazier who we had booked to remove and replace a window for us in the office. I spoke to Stacy yesterday and he arrived promptly this morning with his team and did a great job - full blog here:

Talk about going the extra mile on real short notice - a great bunch of guys.

Thanks to the W.P. Blogger - it was this post that reminded me about Stacy and MoreThan... There is an old saying that goes something like "All publicity is Good publicity" It sure worked here even though there were some negative comments.

Rick said...

Evidently, anonymous, you are a dissident, loft conversionist. Clearly, your antagonistic opinions and comments, regarding those viewing and writing on this blog, are in no way representative of, nor endorsed by More Than Lifts (who undoubtedly, are totally committed to a peaceful loft conversion process).

Worcester Park said...

It's good of them to help the Liberal Democrats. Personally, I'm voting conservatory.

Eveleen said...

Best resource on the net for this – I
was stuck when I read all the below comments – thanks so much!!

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