Saturday, 6 February 2010

I Have Run Out Of Loft Puns

After the recent blog kerfuffle over More Than Lofts, Stacy Owens one of the owners of the business has been in touch with me to introduce the business and give his side of the story.

"I will try and give you a brief history of More Than Lofts so that maybe you will have a clearer idea of what we are about.

I live in Worcester Park and saw that the premises where we now occupy were up for let. We made enquiries with the agent and was told that the shop was due for immediate letting or it was going to be sold.

So I paid a deposit with a grand plan of turning the shop/office into a place where potential customers could come and see what we are about. If anyone had seen the premises when Ember Travel were here you might appreciate the work that was involved in getting it ready to open!

One of the major setbacks was that we had to wait sixteen weeks for the L.E.B to move our supply from the flat upstairs into our premises.We were also inundated with work which meant that I did not have the available manpower to finish the place as quick as I would have wanted.

It would have been rather foolish of me to employ another company to finish the works that we had started.
I employ a large work force that also are from the local area with 6 of them residing in Worcester Park. 

We have not stopped working for the past two years and we have jobs booked in that will see us have work over the next 6 months. We have done all of this without the need of borrowing money or with the help of a business overdraft which as a small company is no mean feat. 

We have carried out many jobs in the local area but we also carry out a large amount of work in London. All of our previous clients have been delighted with the work that we have carried out and we grow daily on our
reputation as a company that offers good value and a honest service.

Next time that you may want to write a comment please remember that you may be damaging our reputation needlessly if you do not have the full facts.

I welcome anyone to come in and visit us and perhaps they may be surprized by what we can offer.

P.S: Lastly I would just like to say that the flooring is not laminate but a highly sought after hard wearing floor."

You can find more details of their services at

Sadly there's no word from Stacy on my ideas for an opening concert but I shan't let that deter me from planning my extravaganza.