Monday, 1 February 2010

Grand Designs?

The Worcester Park Station Volunteers were out working their magic the weekend before last. Thanks to the ten volunteers who turned out to help, the steep bank has now been planted out - special thanks to to Rupert, local Worcester Park professional Gardener and Garden Designer (

Not only did Rupert design the garden, but he also arranged purchase of the plants and spent several hours organising the planting on the day. Thanks also to John James Gardening for their kind donation of compost and fertilizer.

Now the group is looking for ideas from the Worcester Park public. Kingston Council is potentially soon going to donate £1,000 to the group as part of a community fund. 

The group is looking for ideas from local residents and station users as what they think would improve the station. Current suggestions include:

- Mural by local school children under the bridge
- Tubs and planters on the platforms
- Creation flower beds
- Creating a book sharing library for commuters in the station

If you have any good suggestions for use of these funds then add your comments below.

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Anonymous said...

Good old Kingston Council.Shot themselves in the foot again.How can they afford £1000 for this planting(on other organisations property!!!) when they cannot "afford" to replace trees which have died on the sides of our roads during the last 5 years.No wonder we have the highest council tax and lowest govt grant per capita in London.Great stuff KINGSTON

Anonymous said...

more bins arround the outskirts of the station

Anonymous said...

I am in favour of Kingston Council giving £1,000 to a volunteer organisation that is already achieving results without any official funding.

My feeling is that this group of volunteers will achieve more to improve the appearance of the borough with that money than would have been achieved if the Council had employed a commercial organisation to plant some more trees.

axlrocky said...

To 2nd Anon - unfortunately the IRA campaign in the 90's put paid to having proper bins in railway stations which is why there are no recycling bins for the metro and other newspapers at stations - would Kingston council not be wise to donate any community fund to saving Kingston Hospital? or are they not in such tight agreement with Ed Davey? Just a thought

Anonymous said...

to axlrocky re bins, as i said arround the outskirts of the station not in the station.

Roseycakes said...

Some plants by the gate 'when ticket office is not in use' would be more appreciated than the current pool of stagnant water and cigarette butts inside the raised pavement. Perhaps some cigarette bins outside the station would also be beneficial?

coffee man said...

To anon #3.
The problem is as i see it,Kingston council putting PUBLIC funds into financing private property improvements. Where does it end,funding the gardens at say Kinston Hospital.Or does it put money into areas of it's own (PUBLIC)responsibilty ie. roadside verges,tree replacement etc.
Do Sutton and Kingston Council's paint the Railway Bridge which is in an awful state.or do the owners NETWORK RAIL do their own work.!!!!!!
Axlrocky is right Kingston council should be putting all it's power behind those against the possible closures being proposed at Kingston Hospital. and lets leave politics out of this one.

axlrocky said...

to anon #2 - good point well made - i stand corrected!

Anonymous said...

Hi coffee man (and everyone else) - anon #3 here.

I understand your point about this possibly being Network Rail’s responsibility, but do we know who owns that land that is being planted? Is it Network Rail or the Council? In any case as Network Rail is a publicly owned company their funds are public money too.

The point I was trying to make is that if it wasn’t for the volunteers and local companies helping I don’t think any work would ever be done on that land. It would always have been a mess because public bodies have so many other important priorities that something like the station’s appearance will always be way down the list. If Network Rail, Kingston Council or anyone else employed a company to do what the volunteers are doing it would cost a lot more than £1,000, and then it would look a mess again after about a year because there would be no-one to maintain it.

My feeling is that in amongst all their other responsibilities public organisations have some responsibility for making our environment nice and that giving the volunteers £1,000 of public money represents very good value for money when you consider the results they are achieving.

Whether this public money could be better spent elsewhere will, I guess, always be a matter for debate, and this is true of any spending decision.

Anonymous said...

well said coffee man

Anonymous said...

and very well said anon 3

Colin said...

Apparently they're after a bookshelf to put in the station for the book sharing library so if you have one to spare you might want to drop them a line and see if they can use it.

Jennifer Campbell-Klomps said...

The initiative to create a book sharing library is a marvellous idea. I hope, in any case, that readers are not leaving them on trains after a quick read or browse. Perhaps, if each book was labelled "The Worcester Park Station Volunteers Book Sharing Library - Please return to Worcester Park Station" - this might prompt people: "I borrowed this book, now I have to return it to ...". Meanwhile, I shall be bringing down a few books as well in due course!

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