Monday, 1 February 2010

Grand Designs?

The Worcester Park Station Volunteers were out working their magic the weekend before last. Thanks to the ten volunteers who turned out to help, the steep bank has now been planted out - special thanks to to Rupert, local Worcester Park professional Gardener and Garden Designer (

Not only did Rupert design the garden, but he also arranged purchase of the plants and spent several hours organising the planting on the day. Thanks also to John James Gardening for their kind donation of compost and fertilizer.

Now the group is looking for ideas from the Worcester Park public. Kingston Council is potentially soon going to donate £1,000 to the group as part of a community fund. 

The group is looking for ideas from local residents and station users as what they think would improve the station. Current suggestions include:

- Mural by local school children under the bridge
- Tubs and planters on the platforms
- Creation flower beds
- Creating a book sharing library for commuters in the station

If you have any good suggestions for use of these funds then add your comments below.