Tuesday, 9 February 2010


A Worcester Park mum has contacted the blog to voice her support for the Doris Venner Pre-School after its early-year provision was branded 'inadequate' and requiring 'immediate improvement' in a recent OFSTED inspection report.

Sue Watkins, whose daughter attends the pre-school in Manor Drive, says she doesn't recognise the inspectors' findings:

"Looking at the recent OFSTED report, you wouldn't think you were reading about the same pre-school.

The report, the 'ridiculous' findings and its total inaccuracies have led to the Manager embarking on a lengthy, substantial and extremely stressful complaint procedure. 

The whole Doris Venner team should be commended on how they run the pre-school, the way they co-ordinate their vast curriculum and more importantly how they ensure the happiness, safety and well being of all our children. 

I know for a fact, irrespective of OFSTED, that it surpasses any of the other local pre-school settings. The children are more sociable, educated and happier than all my friends' children and I am so lucky to have been offered a place for my child. 

I've already had my 2nd child’s name down since he was just 2 months old...and there it stays!

To Maria and the team: keep up the good work, you are doing a fantastic job, and we the parents are here to help you fight!"

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WP Lifer said...

Whilst I fully understand a parents right to defend the pre-school of their choice, I can't agree with the 'factual' comment that it surpasses any of the others.

My son attended a different pre-school and feel that, due to the way it was set up, it was perfect for him. Much like Ms Watkins, our 2nd child has his name down there too.

Sue Watkins said...

My feelings were said from the heart, and was now way meant to be critical of any other local settings whatsoever. When I genuinely feel that 'OFSTED' have potentially damaged the reputation of Doris Venner, then we should be able to speak out. Apologies if my emotions ran away with me!

LadyHaggis said...

I cannot praise Doris Venner enough. My daughter attends there three times a week and is having a fantastic time. She is growing into a confident and caring and happy little girl and I put a large part of it down to the fact that she attends pre-school where she does.
I recall reading the Ofsted report that came out back in October in utter disbelief. The report in no way even closely describes the place where my little one goes in so happily. The report does nothing to give any key or relevant information about the setting. It is badly written and inconsistent in my opinion and attempts to highlight one or two nonsensical points repeatedly throughout the document and dwells upon these. I know that I am not the only parent who feels this way..

A big Thank You to Maria and all the staff at Doris Venner. Keep up the fantastic work and you WILL get the praise and recognition you deserve..

Anonymous said...

After trying a couple of other pre schools in the area we decided to give Doris Venner a try, after a recomendation from a friend, the level of care my daughter recieves there is excellent and is far better than at the other pre schools we tried.

Speaking to the staff it is clear how much they care for the children as well as the schools reputation.

I was shocked when I read the offsted report, and after speaking to Maria and the staff my wife and I were disgusted at how the offsted inspection was carried out.

My Daughter now attends Doris Venner 3 times a week (it would be more if there was any space available) and is very happy there as am I.

young buck said...

my son, until recently attended a different pre-school; so I can't comment on Doris Venner itself. However, as a secondary school teacher who has three personal experiences of OFSted please take the experience of DV as a general warning not to take ofsted reports too seriously when choosing day care or schooling for oyur child. When i chose my son's primary school i ignored all ofsted reports while other parents poured over them. I chose the place that felt right and comparing my son's experience of reception to that of some of my firend's children (who have gone to schools with better reports) I know it was I who made the right choice. Ofsted have their own agenda and it is not always in line with the needs of parents or children.

Be warned.

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