Friday, 12 February 2010

In The Fruit Garden

I've been meaning to ask if anyone knows what 'Clive's Fruit Garden' is all about?

It's been puzzling me every time I drive past the sign, which is on the side of the building on  Malden Road right outside Worcester Park station.

If you haven't spotted the sign yet, have a look next time you are passing by -  it's just above the 'Backcare Clinic' sign (which seems at any given time to have at least two random missing letters).

It almost sounds more like a euphemism than a company name ('It's been a long time since I played around in Clive's fruit garden - know what I mean?! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink') but my internet searches on the name have so far proved, erm, fruitless.

Perhaps you can shed some light on exactly who they are and what they do?

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italiastar said...

I popped in on my way home the other night and found a small Greengrocers, florist, juice bar that also sold sandwiches and I think other drinks. Their main problem for me is the uninviting window, but despite this they are giving it a go. They told me that they had the cheapest fruit and veg, even beating Lidl, and from what I can remember, this looks correct - Potatoes 50p a kilo, Lemons 10p each. It's good to see someone giving it a go, so lets try to support this local business.

Worcester Park said...

Thanks Italiastar - it had never occurred to me to that it was one of the shops opposite the station! It seems a strange location for such a business - highly dependent on the passing commuter trade, but, like you say, good luck to them!

coffee man said...

Have purchased some fruit there . Everything seemed fresh and my stuff was great at a reasonable cost. Staff friendly and helpful.
Deserves to succeed ,but agree about the window, i felt obliged to open the door and ask if i could look around(just to be nosey at first)

Jason said...

Every time I've been past the shop (and I'm a regular commuter), there's been someone standing in the doorway smoking.

Very off-putting and, as a big anti-smoker, I wouldn't wander through that fog to get into the shop.

Maybe they should be more 'accommodating'

redwp said...

I've never noticed this place (despite travelling from the station 3 days a week!) so thought I'd give it a quick go this morning before fighting for a seat on the train. Very friendly service and I got 2 very tasty bananas for 30p each which is cheaper than at Waterloo which charge 40p each. Will definitely pop in more often now and may even treat myself to a mango ... looks like they do drinks and stuff too.

Anonymous said...

They offer free deliveries as well-
I placed an order with Clive's and the quality I received was much better than what my usual supermarket offers. The prices were less as well. I would definately recommend him.

BackCare Clinic said...

I am from the BackCare Clinic next door to Clives Garden - (sorry about the missing letters - they were put up again recently but were soon down again - snow, snowballs, vandalism?) I have to say Clive has the cheapest fruit and veg - the most delicious fresh fruit juices from £1 and well worth a visit. A very friendly service and doesn't mind you just looking around. I am certainly feeling more full of vitality with their juices = so many to choose from and cheaper than a cup of coffee! Irene

Kevin Scott said...

I am a client of the BackCare clinic (sorry, this could run and run, couldn't it?) and I would just like to add that a session there will leave you three inches taller and feeling better about life. Perfectly followed, no doubt, by the excellent range of fruit in Clive's Garden.

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