Monday, 1 March 2010

Bluebells (and other green shoots)

As the tough times continue, it's good to be able to report a couple of new retail openings due to take place in Worcester Park this week.

It's hard to believe it's nearly a year and a half since the sad passing of Joe Bright, who ran 'Eves Flowers' near the station.

Joe was a familiar and friendly face to locals over the years and saviour to many a panicked (male) commuter dashing home from work to pretend they had remembered the other half's birthday/anniversary etc. all along.

Since Joe passed away, the shop has lain empty, despite a 'sold' sign appearing above it last summer, but all is set to change as the unit is due to open as 'Bluebells' florist on Wednesday of this week (if rennovation work goes to schedule).

It will never be the same without Joe, but I like to think he'd approve of his little corner of Worcester Park being alive once again with the sight and smell of freshly cut flowers.

Also due to open on Wednesday is 'La Continental' bistro in the former 'Berties' cafe unit.

Hopefully I'll make it there at the weekend to sample their Meditteranean cuisine - but if you beat me to it, be sure to add your opinion on the cafe/restaurant reviews page!