Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Get Behind Bars

What's your favourite bar/pub in the borough of Sutton?

Hopefully it's one in Worcester Park - but whichever is your boozer of choice you can vote for it as part of the 'Best Bar None' scheme at

The Worcester Park venues to choose between are:
  • Midas Touch
  • Rumours
  • North End Tavern
  • The Drill
'The Worcester Park' pub is, of course, in Kingston borough so isn't allowed to play this game and has to sit on its own in the corner with its arms folded. That'll learn it.

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CheamCommoner said...

I notice one omission from your list here...

The Royal British Legion Club

Anonymous said...

Sorry CheamCommoner nice try, but isn't the Legion a 'private club' with a membership.
which means you cannot walk in off the street for a drink.

CheamCommoner said...

ok ok i'll give you that one

Carlos said...

We keep meaning to take a walk up to the North End Tavern for a brew or two....but in the mean time, the Cazbar rules!

Anonymous said...

Good idea in theory, but it seems there's nothing to stop anyone keep voting as many times as they like! (I've voted for all 5 of the above!)

On this basis, I reckon the Moon on the Hill in Sutton will come second with a few thousand votes, and the Cazbar will come first with several million votes, mainly cast from the same pc, located at the bottom of Worcester Park High Street!

Techbod said...

Usually the poll counting program will record your computer's IP address, and only the first vote will be counted.

CAZBAR said...

Another Anon dig! Although I have heard that Sutton will next be running a 'Best Hairdressers' award. Should be a vote winner for WPK!!

axlrocky said...

maybe if you offer hairdressing with your pint option CAZBAR that could placate the Anon haters,
I can also concur with techbod that the system used only allows the first vote to count - there are technical ways around it but somebody would have to be pretty sad/desperate to try it!
As its sponsored by a major drinks provider and pub chain I suspect the results will be somewhat intersteing reading anyhow!

Alex said...

After reading the comments under this post on the left of my screen, I noticed on the right, the abovementioned bar’s advert petitioning readers to vote for it! So, indeed, it seems at least one bar is desperate to win! - Well, I thought it amusing.

There may be voting checks or blocks or whatever in place - yes, I’m no techbod, but surely nobody believes this kind of on-line voting carries any real, representative credibility? - Well, excluding the pronounced winner, obviously.

CAZBAR said...

Desperate, no but we're in it so let's try and win it! (Pint & a this space!)

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