Thursday, 21 January 2010

Planting Ideas

If you use Worcester Park Station then hopefully you will have noticed the improvements that are being made to the appearance of the grounds around the station.

It's all thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of the Worcester Park Station Volunteers group. Since it was was formed last year, the group has been working to tidy up the area and has already completed some of the planting out.

This Sunday (24th January) at 10am the group will be meeting to plant out the banked area by the steps to the London-bound platform.

New volunteers are always welcomed - if you have a couple of hours spare this Sunday, just turn up and join in!

In related news, I understand that The London Borough of Sutton will be carrying out an informal public consultation this year with regard to 'Streets for People' - an environmental improvement scheme.

The area of consultation will include Green Lane and adjoining roads, Central Road and the area around Worcester Park Station.

Once I can get more details of what the scheme will involve I shall, of course, let you know!

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Jeremy said...

The actions of the volunteers are commendable, but why can't the owners of the land tidy it up themselves?

Anonymous said...

jeremy the land is owned by the general public of worcester park, that is why no one has taken responsibility for it.

Worcester Park said...

No land is owned by the 'general public'. The land in question is the responsibility of Network Rail/South West Trains.

I can understand they have bottom lines to look after to prettifying the area around the station won't be the number one priority.

Thank goodness for the community-minded volunteers who have given up their free time to help Worcester Park keep up appearances!

Anonymous said...

shame its full of litter again today! maybe a bin should be installed at the top of the stairs?

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