Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A Weather Eye

ith the recent wintry weather keeping us all on our toes (or on our backsides in the case of those who have slipped over on the ice) it has been an extremely busy few weeks for Worcester Park based weather forecasting company NetWeather.


Although we have has escaped the worst of the severe winter weather thus far, the forecast is for snow to spread southwards from this evening covering many parts of South East England.

So the big question today is will it snow in Worcester Park?

Steve Goodwin from NetWeather has told the Worcester Park Blog that the white stuff is almost certain to hit us later today:

"The Netweather forecast team are certain that Worcester Park will wake to a snowy and cold morning on Wednesday.  The real questions are how deep and how cold?

The main band of snow will arrive after the evening rush hour tonight, and with moderate snow through the night and showers continuing all day Wednesday.  We estimate that 5-10cm of snow will fall before the morning rush hour, so travel conditions will likely be somewhere between chaotic and gridlock. 

Temperatures will stubbornly stick to around freezing, but a North Easterly breeze will make it feel more like -4 degrees.

For the snow lovers, there is a chance that the expected snow is much heavier, dropping 15-20cm, but this may fall over the Surrey North Downs before reaching the Worcester Park area.

In summary, snow showers and freezing temperatures continue through the weekend and beyond."

More details along with the most up to date forecasts and condition reports are available at www.netweather.tv