Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Freeze A Crowd


We may have escaped the worst of the snow so far, but the white stuff has been falling heavily over the last hour or so.

To make matters worse, Worcester Park based weather forecasting company NetWeather is predicting that temperatures in Worcester Park will plummet to minus six degrees celcius overnight and will stay well below zero for the rest of Thursday.

All of which means the snow/slush is likely to turn to treacherous ice - so we are far from out of the woods.

South West trains is planning to run a normal timetable of services on its routes tomorrow - but whether that bold plan survives the 'big freeze' remains to be seen!

Meanwhile if you want to de-ice your patch of Worcester Park then local blogger Adrian Short has produced this handy grit-bin map of the borough of Sutton to help you identify where your nearest grit bin is located.

Whether there will be any grit left in your nearest bin is another matter - but Adrian tells me the word from Sutton Council is 'help yourself' if you need grit to keep things moving.