Monday, 25 January 2010

Very Old Malden

'Crikey', I hear you cry. 'Two Old Malden stories in a row?'

Fear not, normal service will be restored shortly but if you'll forgive me for straying half a mile down the road again there was an very interesting piece (well, OK, a slightly interesting piece) on BBC 1's 'The One Show' this evening about John Millais' famous 1852 painting of Ophelia.

It has long been known (just nod, as I did, and pretend you knew it as well) that the Hogsmill river was used as the background to the painting -  but those who have studied such things have determined that rather than showing  a stretch of the Hogsmill in Ewell, the painting depicts the Hogsmill in Six Acre Meadow in Old Malden (just off Church Road).

If you missed The One Show earlier tonight (or were too disturbed by Adrian Chiles' beard to take in what was happening) then you can catch it here on BBC iPlayer (about 20 minutes in to the programme).

[P.S. Mrs WP insists on watching The One Show every night for its balance of consumer information, investigative journalism and light-heated lifestyle issues. I don't bother watching it when Christine Bleakley is on holiday.]