Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Trains From Worcester Park

South West Trains is running a limited service to and from Worcester Park this morning because of the snow and poor conditions. Trains are running but only on the London Waterloo to Dorking service.

There should be a minimum of two trains per hour in each direction.

For the latest news on trains running from Worcester Park go to the National Rail website and for live updates visit the Live Departures page for Worcester Park Station.


There will be no South West Trains service on the following routes:

London Waterloo to Hampton Court.
London Waterloo to Guildford via Epsom and Leatherhead.
London Waterloo to Chessington South.
Between Teddington and Shepperton
Between Virginia Water and Weybridge
Between Ascot and Ash Vale
Between Guildford and Aldershot
No trains will call at Longcross

Trains WILL run on the following routes but to an altered timetable. Some trains will make extra stops to cover cancellations on other routes.

London Waterloo to Guildford via Cobham - Two trains an hour on this route.

London Waterloo to Woking  - Two trains an hour on this route.

London Waterloo to Dorking (via Worcester Park)  - Two trains an hour on this route.

London Waterloo - Twickenham - Kingston - Wimbledon - London Waterloo (“Kingston Loop” service) - Every 15 minutes calling at all stations

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Jason J Hunter said...

Thank you W.P. 'bloggers' - useful information, I;ve retweeted this referencing the site.

@JasonJHunter or find me on facebook Jason J Hunter

CK said...

This morning, many people were waiting valiantly for trains only for none to appear. Took the 213 and used the more regular and less packed services from New Malden (I know, "there be dragons" etc.etc.)It worked, waited 10 mins and got on the second train out of there.

Mr Frosty said...

Walked to North Cheam through thick snow (I know, I know, but needs must...) Hopped on the faithful 93 bus, got a seat all the way to Morden. Jumped straight on a Northern Line tube, got a seat all the way into town where there was NO SNOW at all.

Snow joke.

Jeremy Smith said...

Last Feb I spent a day home alone during the heavy snow. This time, it's on with the wellise and up to New Malden where trains seem to run more or less without disruption. Wonder why. Got to work 10 mins late. Now I just have to get back...

The Parkerilla said...

Sundry observations of today in WP-

5.40 pm this evening arrived at Waitrose WP to be greeted by a member of staff who told me I couldn't go in as the shop had just closed early, damn, planned to buy some broth and bread for a winter's supper in front of the fire.

6.00pm, had gone onto Sainsbury's, on the way back down Central Parade saw a man (late middle aged) lying on the pavement outside Costcutter, he was in a very bad way, I suspect he had fallen and broken a bone (leg?), he was being comforted by concerned passers by and perhaps shop staff as a first aid kit was present and he had been covered with a silver space blanket. As I passed an ambulance was arriving to deal with it and I walked on.

Lunchtime, saw your link to the live departure board, hadn't seen it before, thought it was great, 12 noon looked it up to see trains were ticking through WP station on time, no delays, ,realtime information. Then I made the mistake of thinking that realtime live info had something to do with the real World. Arrived at WP station at 12.30, a crowd of cold and despondent people who had been waiting a long time for a train. Waited 40 mins (the live departure 12.30 and 1pm trains shown as on time didn't turn up) at 1.38pm glad to get on a train, the 10.30am one, not quite 3 hours late, there were a couple of SW trains staff on the platform themselves waiting for a train and one of them took a photo of the indicator board, due 10.30 am, arrival 1.38 pm for posterity.


The Parkerilla

Mr Frosty said...

Spoke too soon didn't I.

Tried the same route home last night only to have to walk to WPark all the way from the Woodstock pub as the 93 bus was too scared to go any further. 2.5hours journey home.

This morning waited some 40minutes for a train at WPark station then another 20 at Clapham for a train. (Departure times online are certainly NOT real world.) Made it to work but for how long....?

Love the community spirit though. Saw a couple of youngsters assisting an elderly woman along, and my neighbour had dug out ALL the cars from my cul-de-sac this morning.

Luz said...

Dear WP bloggers,
I am planning to move to Worcester or Stoneleigh, but I am worried about the commute in the mornings. I have to be at Waterloo by 9.30 and was wondering if you can get seats or if it's standing up for 30 minutes...
By the way, loving the blog, very useful!

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