Thursday, 21 January 2010

Terrific Lights

The saga of the linking of Central Road's traffic lights has been dragging on for years now. The whole process has crawled along even slower than the snarled up traffic that it is supposed to be remedying. Even the fit-out of the 'More Than Lofts' shop unit has been zooming along by comparison.

The idea, for those unfamiliar with the plans, is to link all of the sets of traffic lights in Worcester Park (from the junction outside the station up to the pedestrian crossing outside Pizza Express).

Rather than acting independently the lights will then 'talk to each other' and will be intelligently phased so as to encourage a steady flow of traffic (reducing the 'stop-start' effect on traffic that the lights currently have).

Way back in July 2008 I reported that the go-ahead had finally been given and the lights would all be linked by January 2009. As it turned out that was wildly optimistic as we are still waiting patiently for the works to be done.

So I shall treat with an appropriate mixture of excitement of caution the news from blog reader Jason J Hunter (Liberal Democrat Councillor Candidate for Worcester Park ward) that the phasing of the lights is on track for completion by March this year.

You can find out more (and reader further details on how the system will work) on his blog.

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axlrocky said...

mmmmmmm a liberal democrat promising to meet a deadline - consider my breath held indefinitely!

coffee man said...

I had understood the cabling had been completed and the timing between the lights had been reprogrammed.Hence the delays of traffic coming out of the Avenue and the subsequent queues during 'busy' periods.
Maybe someone out there knows better!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

obviously whoever should be monitoring the lights are not - today it took me 20 minutes from thr top of the hill to the traffic lights by the police station

No-one can tell me this is an improvement !!!!!!

Rick said...

So traffic light 'fine tuning' is still on track to be completed by three months ago? Great stuff!

All together now: one, two, three:

"It's all Boris Johnson's fault!"

Fred said...

On the approaches to traffic signals there are vehicle detectors, usually seen as chevrons or rectangles in the carriageway surface. When one or more of these detectors is damaged by roadworks etc they default to a permanent demand so that the signals give priority to the affected approach, regardless of actual traffic flows. Could this be part of the problem experienced? This is the most common reason for apparent changes in signal timings.
A possible reason for the delay in the linking (UTC) system could be the cuts. I work in the Traffic Signals team for a different borough and we have had virtually all of our works stopped due to budget cuts, including vital or urgent or safety critical repairs. Perhaps you could approach the TfL traffic signal maintenance team for the area to find out direct? Hope this helps.

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