Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow Patrol

So the snow has arrived in Worcester Park.

Do let me know how it is affecting you. Are you going to battle to get into work, or make the most of an impromptu day off? Has anyone seen a gritter?

Also do send in your snow pictures of Worcester Park to the email address at the top of this blog. A pocketful of rock salt is on offer for the best photo!


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Amy said...

I work at Kingston Uni, the uni is open, I'm only an Admin, I'm not vital, I don't want to go in, I want to play in the snow!! Besides, it's still snowing, I don't want to get stranded at work but am probably going to be made to feel bad for not going in. Boooo! Why didn't it snow more?

Anonymous said...

I work in Guildford and I have heard that it has been really affected and that the A3 towards Guildford was closed earlier this morning and the news says its "difficult". Even though its vital going into work today (I work as a scientist), I cannot get into work.

Can anyone tell me if any of the shops on Worcester park high street is open today? I know this is probably pending staff who arrive but if anyone could let us know this would be very helpful. Thanks .

Anonymous said...

I work in Central Road, but had today booked off already. I would of gone in on the bus to save my no claims bonus!

Ian Morris said...

I live and work in WP. It took me all of 2 mins to get to work. The biggest affect it's had is I've spent much of the morning laughing at customers who ask me if we have any grit/salt. Oh and the cold seems to have stopped my green bananas that I bought on Monday from ripening.

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