Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Save Kingston Hospital!

I'm going to stray even further afield from my usual patch, but as so many in Worcester Park depend on Kingston Hospital for planned and emergency care, the announcement of a rumoured threat to close Kingston Hospital's A&E and Maternity services are definitely worthy of an urgent mention.

The 'nearest' alternative would be St George's Hospital in Tooting. In terms of distance, it's almost twice as far away as Kingston Hospital - but in terms of traveling time (as anyone who has braved the crawling traffic to get there will testify) it's an awful lot more than double.

Worse still, those who do not have a car (or are 'encouraged' by hospital parking charges to take public transport) will face a minimum forty-five minute public transport journey by train and then bus (including a fair bit of walking to make the connections.

Hardly ideal for those making their own way to A&E or heavily-pregnant and on their way for maternity appointments.

Local Liberal Democrat MPs Susan Kramer & Ed Davey have launched a campaign to 'Save Kingston Hospital' - a genuine threat or pre-election posturing? You decide.