Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Late Breaking News?

More twists and turns in the Kingston Hospitalm saga - Councillor Mary Reid (Lib Dem) has written on her blog:

"The news has just broken that NHS London are threatening to close the Accident & Emergency department, and the Maternity Unit at Kingston Hospital."

If only the news had 'just broken', though - a quick check with registrar Nominet reveals that the domain name '' was registered by Susan Kramer on 11th December 2009 so this is hardly the breaking news that the Lib Dems are making it out to be.

Makes you wonder why Messrs Davey & Kramer sat on this news and planned their campaign for over a month and a half - unless, of course, you're going to be all cynical about the timing of this campaign and the impending general election.

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JasonJHunter said...

Agreed - its hardly 'breaking news' that the current Labour government is cutting back on the NHS ... maybe those who care 'Ed Davies and Susan Kramer and other supporter' were pre-empting decisions made by others?

Please sign the petition to keep the A&E at Kingston open here:

I may be biased but I would say that this is yet another example of the LibDems predicting and trying to save what matters to people.

Vince Cable predicted the 'downturn'/recession and made big representations to warn the government (ignored)! The Conservatives see the NHS as a '60 year mistake'!! see the latest Sutton Gazette here

I feel sure there will be more to come on this story.. as well as other matters of interest to Worcester Park residents both on this Great Blog and my website too in due course....

Please feel free to contact me (or this blog writer) if there are any other issues you'd like to be kept up to date on.



Paul said...

Look out for electioneering blog comments from the politcal hacks over the next few months then. Jason has decently declared his interest, but no doubt there will be many more anonymous comments to come.

Hindsight Cable has shown a spectacular ability to predict events after they have happened and propose solutions once it is too late and others have already tried. His real achievement is the amount of uncritical airtime he has won for his belated interjections.

Jason says this supposed campaign is "another example of the LibDems predicting and trying to save what matters to people". Well I predict that whoever gets elected next will perform a very thorough review of education spending (amongst others) and every school will have to continue to show that it provides good education, and value for the taxpayer's money. However that is hardly a ground breaking prediction, and is not the same thing as saying every school is threatened with closure. It certainly does not require a self-serving petition/web site about it to be created.

Kathie said...

There were rumours in election pamphlets prior to the last council elections that Cheam Baths were to be closed. The baths remained open after the election and no more was said The electorate becomes cynical and mistrustful of elected officials over this kind of manipulation.

Incidently, I had to attend A&E at St Hellier just before Christmas and had to wait all of 20 minutes. Yes that's 20 minutes. I can remember when you were lucky to get seen within 3 hours.

Rob Pattenden said...

If Susan Kramer and Ed Davey were 'pre-empting' decisions then why did they not go public about the threat sooner? It is all very, very strange indeed.

@JasonJHunter said...

Hi folks - me again :)

just to respond briefly if I may on a couple of the very valid points made above..

Re: Kathie on Cheam Baths.
The plans were put forward to build a brand new swimming and fitness centre for the area. The initial proposal that was blocked by our LibDem councillors was that the current Cheam Baths was levelled and the new one built on the same site. This would have meant that no facilities were available here during the knockdown and the rebuild - how long? who knows? Personally I feel that would be unacceptable. A new facility is due to be built (I dont know where yet but still local - if you want to know, then mail me and I'll see what I can do to find out), but in the meantime we still can use Cheam Baths (which I LOVE!)

Re: Kingston Hospital Petition
I agree with Rob Pattenden (a little) maybe the timing is a little strange - I dont know enough about the background as I do not currently have all the information. And Paul, I apologise if it seemed like I was electioneering (I'll try to reduce that in the

I have emailed Ed Davey directly and asked him to respond here personally, I am as interested as you are to see if/when that response appears.

As someone pointed out elsewhere on this great blog, Mr Davey was in W.P. handing out leaflets at the station, I ask that he simply answer the points raised and directed to him.

Rick said...

JasonJHunter – give it a rest! You are not a social commentator with a passionate, commitment to KT4, but simply a political activist and obedient foot soldier from within team Lib Dem!

To utilise a non-partisan, non-political blog as a party political platform and to publicly and dutifully suck up to your party masters was a huge turnoff.

Equally misguided was your embracing of the now tarnished Kingston Hospital petition (when there seemed some quick, political mileage), only to later admit "I dont know enough about the background as I do not currently have all the information".

If you (and for that matter, Dan Falchikov) genuinely wish to enhance the Lib Dem vote, I suspect you would do well to avoid making any further comments, this side of the election.

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