Thursday, 28 January 2010

Police Incident - Central Road

00:19 UPDATE

Reports coming in of a police incident at/near Santander (Abbey) bank on Central Road.

Police with dogs searching Longfellow Road and Caldbeck Avenue - one resident has e-mailed the blog describing a 'bang' on her front door (above shops in between NatWest and Santander banks).

Police helicopter has arrived and is circling over the centre of Worcester Park.

Any more details/updates on this?

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axlrocky said...

Ive had late night helicopters over my way in WP for the last three nights - have any other blog readers experienced this nuisance and know what is going on?

Anonymous said...

axlrocky, that 'nuisance' is keeping criminal activity at bay as well as assisting the police in their hunt for criminals.

Anonymous said...

Police helicopters circling over Worcester Park are so frequent now. Last night's excursion was centred for a time over Dalewood Gardens / Lindsay Road cemetery. There are so many dark communal driveways around they are tailor-made for villains. This activity has increased markedly since a certain part of the Hamptons was built. I understand from the local Bill that good old Sutton Council did not vet the incoming residents - no doubt re-housed from who knows where or for who knows what reason ! I often hear someone creeping around outside my garage when I am working in it - usually after dark - no doubt up to no good. If the old Bill in Worcester Park are reading this, as no doubt they do read the brilliant W.P. Blog, could we have LOTS of after dark patrols in our communal driveways please with bright torches to be used only when someone suspicious is seen and not giving them a warning a hundred yards away !

miss giggles said...

I have an alley way at the end of my garden and I'm getting fed up with all the graffiti that keeps appearing on my garage door and plus all the litter they leave behind.
Is there anything that can be done about this?

Anonymous said...

armed robbery at santanter all men were caught!!

Anonymous said...

I can't find any information about this incident, except on this blog. Anyone know anything else?

Jetor85 said...

and i think that was an attent to break in at Santander Bank london road,csi police there now

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