Tuesday, 26 January 2010

More Money In The Pot

The snow and ice may be long gone, but it has left its mark in the form of thousands of pot holes in our roads. Take your eyes of the tarmac ahead of you and before you can say 'replacement tyres' you'll have crashed and bumped into at least a couple of them.

The London Borough Of Sutton has put an extra £500,000 into the...ermm...pot for emergency repairs and is asking for residents' help in reporting the location of pot holes or damaged road surfaces.

To report a problem in the Worcester Park area you can call the contact centre on 020 8770 5070 or emailing the council on potholes@sutton.gov.uk. 

If you are going to report a problem by e-mail, be sure to include the nearest house number or business premise to the area of damage to help them identify where action is needed.