Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Day The Music Died

Shops come and go in Worcester Park with alarming frequency - most are quickly forgotten when they close down to be replaced, inevitably, by another hairdresser or charity shop.

There are some shops, however, for which there is a genuine sense of sadness when they close because you know you will never see the like of them again.

That can undoubtedly be said about 'Mikes Music' a fixture in Worcester Park for as long as many of us can remember (which is my way of saying I don't actually know how long it's been there).

A trip to Mikes Music is a wonderful journey back in time to when music stores were exciting places of discovery full of joys that today's iTunes generation will never get to appreciate - the feel of the products, the visual splendour of the album artwork and the reassuring crackle of needle on vinyl.

Mike's Music is closing down - closure has been threatened and averted in the past, but Mike is retiring shortly and so will soon be packing away the last of his vinyl and shutting up shop for good. When the store closes, that really will be the end of it. We will never see the like of Mike, or his music, again.

Worcester Park resident and photography student Ashley Grainger has captured the magic of Mikes Music in a series of fantastic photographs. Ashley told the Worcester Park Blog:

"I grew up and still live in Worcester Park, and since I was young that shop always interested me. Now a second year student studying photography at Falmouth University I was very eager to photograph there.

Mike as you probably know, is a fantastic guy, and I felt it was an honour not only to photograph a subject like Mike, but also to capture a shop like his."

You can view the full set of Ashley's photographs of Mike's Music on his Flickr account here. I would, of course, be interested in hearing your memories of time (and pocket money) spent in Mike's Music.