Monday, 25 January 2010

Metropolitan Police Farce

There was huge embarassment - not to mention a monumental waste of valuable police resources - at Plough Green on Saturday as the Met's finest managed to get their not-so-mobile police office stuck in the wet grass. Thankfully it was all captured on camera by blog reader JH.

After a morning stationed on Plough Green, the community policing PR exercise descended into farce as the mobile police office found itself unable to get back on the road.

Around a dozen police officers and their 2 traffic cars, 1 unmarked police car and a police 4x4 were diverted from important crime fighting duties to spend almost an hour and a half rescuing the hapless police vehicle.

It would be comical were it not such a shameful waste of taxpayers' money.

Why, when there are recovery services who could probably have done the job in a third of the time, were all these valuable police resources tied up just to get a van out of the grass?

Looks like somebody needs to review their policing priorities!

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Andrew H said...

Im not sure they were diverted from very far away though. I think the traffic police, and various others, were around the area anyway after a very strange, but rather large accident about 100yards from the Plough, by Malden Green Ave. A guy was driving towards the Plough from Worcester Park, and managed to mount the pavement on the left and entirely wipe out a metal bollard, (which was split clean in half), and a whole lamppost, which was sent flying, before coming to rest on the wrong side of the road in the little grassy area at the entrance to Malden Green Ave.

Of course, being that the car being driven was a rather large Mercedes, as i drove past the scene, the driver was busy polishing out the minor scratches that had appeared on his bonnet after the incident.

David said...

I saw the aftermath of this bizarre accident too. I wonder if it was caused by the oft-cited reason of 'foot slipping off brake onto accelerator' as so often happens (usually with older people) in automatic cars?

Worcester Park said...

Andrew H - I'm not worried how far, geographically, they were diverted.

I'm more concerned about their time being diverted from crime-fighting and responding to general emergencies.

We're always being told how stretched police resources are, so it's pretty scandalous that they should tie up all these police offers and vehicles for over an hour just to pull a mobile office out of the mud.

Anonymous said...

I came across the accident moments after it happened. I was going to Esher and on the way back the police were still there, I saw at least 3 police cars, with one of the policeman working, the others standing around and looking at us, the drivers trying to get round the car they had left poking out into the road. Not a good advert for the traffic police !!

NS said...

Another fantastic use of police time and resources was evidenced today, by a letter put through my letterbox (and most all of the houses on Washington Road, I can assume) asking for further information on two parked cars that were SCRATCHED in the early hours yesterday. I am absolutely gobsmacked and appalled that they would take the time to write up a letter about such a petty crime and then have a policewoman go up and down the road stuffing them through front doors. It's a SCRATCH. On a CAR.

If the local police have nothing better to do than investigate scratches then I'd like to request that they come to my home and ascertain which of my children drew on the wall with a marker pen.

For god's sake, why they felt compelled to do this is just beyond my comprehension. I feel like a blimmin' Daily Mail reader over here with my outrage.

Anonymous said...

So, NS, what you are saying is that it is OKAY to put a SCRATCH on a CAR, that someone else has paid for, with their own hard earned money, by a benefit scrounger's kids (no doubt) living off their taxes, deliberately? If parents were half capable (or present), or the law dealt with these delinquents as such, the police wouldn't have to waste their time on such "trivial" matters. Enjoy your Daily Mail, personally I prefer The Times.

A(nother) South African on Washington Road.

Warwick said...

Good point, Anonymous South African, Washington Rd. It's undoubtably not the first car vandalism case the police have had to deal with locally.
What would NS prefer ... to wait until HIS vehicle had been targeted by feral youths and then react with outrageous indignation?
Warwick, KT4

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