Monday, 11 January 2010

Losing Its Touch?

So The Midas Touch is now closed on Mondays - I'd like to think that it's not a sign that the Midas is suffering in the downturn but I'm struggling to see how it can be a sign of anything else.

Whatever you may think of the Midas Touch, it's certainly a vast improvement on its predecessor and there's no denying the transformation from a run-down boozer with bad attitude to a stylish new addition to the Worcester Park scene.

I like to give all local businesses a fair crack of the whip - I have been to eat at the Midas Touch four times since it opened. Two of the meals have been wonderful and two have been overwhelmingly disappointing. With the kind of prices the Midas charges, I would expect things to be consistently good.

For the prices charged I would also expect the staff to be a whole lot more attentive than they are - for them not to be sat in a public area having a coffee break, for them not to be seen wandering around on the phone and for me not to have to get up from my table to attract their attention because they were busy socialising at the bar.

Most of all, on the occasion I did complain about poor service and poor food I would expect to be met by more than an indifferent shrug of the shoulder.

I dearly want the Midas Touch to succeed - I have had two fantastic glimpses of its brilliance, but its inconsistency makes it an expensive gamble.

The restaurant area on Sunday was virtually full of families enjoying themselves which was an excellent sign - the venue is clearly tapping into the demand for a family-friendly lounge bar.

Wit a bit of consistency, attention to service and polish the Midas Touch could continue to shine.