Monday, 4 January 2010

Light Fantastic?

I had a small flurry of hits on the blog on New Year's Day from various people looking for information on strange lights in the sky/UFO sighting over Worcester Park.

Given it was a prime time for fireworks, promotional nightclub searchlights, Chinese lanterns etc. I didn't think took much of it (there have been a few UFO stories on the blog over the last couple of years) but today I came across more details of a sighting on the 'UK UFO' website:

"I dragged my mum outside to watch the New Years Eve fireworks. Could not believe what we saw. An object, not a firework, not a lantern, travelling too low for a plane and silently. Bright white/red, kind of horseshoe shaped. It was travelling in a firm direction which was not random so it was not a lantern. 

As it passed over our house in a Southerly direction more and more followed, like a wave of slow moving silent objects or craft, one after the other all following each other like a wave coming from different angles over the rooftops in our road.. These were not hovering or floating objects, these were moving with intention and uniformly Around 20 or more in all, with lights glowing. 

This went on for a good while, whilst fireworks were going off but these were not fireworks – what were they? Did anyone else see them? The last and clearest one came over our roof, lower than the others and had a red glow behind it. It was vivid and clear and inexplicable. 

As they moved into the distance one of them stopped, another stopped next to it before they continued on their way, uniformly. We watched in awe and fascination. 

Two or three of them reappeared in the distance and just remained static for several minutes before moving off again in the same direction as the others. No sound at any time. What is the explanation.? 

I tried to phone the BBC but they did not have a number to press for UFO sightings on their pre-recorded messages! It was very frustrating because myself and my family believe this was a significant UFO sighting of some magnitude and meaning."

Can you believe it? No number to press to tell Auntie about your UFO sighting? 

That's out of this world.

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Jeffers said...

Clearly those guys from the Orion constellation with ant-like eyes aren't averse to enjoying a bit of pyrotechnics themselves and they came to the right place - bet they didn't find a better display this side of the planet Pluto.

kathie said...

I saw a large chinese lantern floating serenely over Central Avenue at midnight on new year's eve.

Rick said...

This UFO sighting sounds rather like Chinese lanterns. The problem with spotting something unidentifiable in the sky, is that it's impossible to gauge how far away something unfamiliar is, and therefore it's impossible to guess its size. A nearby Chinese lantern can easily fool the eyes into seeing a huge, distant alien spacecraft!

Andrew H said...

Must admit i have heard a few people saying they saw a few Chinese lanterns that night, but who knows, this guy seems quite adamant that it wasn't!

The thing i don't understand is, in an age when even a pencil sharpener has a video camera built in, why this gent didn't stick his hand in his pocket, and get it on film so we could all have an educated, or not-so-educated guess!

kathie said...

I meant to say Central Road of course. I was in Worcester Park but my head was in New York.

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