Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Korea Opportunity

One of the simplest pleasures in life is to watch the delight of others. Anyone who has seen the wide-eyed wonder of a child at Christmas will know what I'm talking about.

I found such a pleasure, quite unexpetedly, in Surrey Nefis last night as I popped in for my nice healthy salad (with side serving of kebab).

As I waited for my food to be cooked a Korean lady in her late fifties wandered in and proudly exclaimed in broken English that she had been in last week and 'try for first time kebab' declaring that it was  'so delicious, so delicious' (I was going to write that phonetically, but I'll leave it to you to do the accent).

She excitedly placed her order (mostly via the medium of mime) and after some confusion over the choice of sauces (which she found hilarious) there was a brief conversation, still in broken English, about Kim Jong Il.

She also appeared to find him hilarious - unless he has a comedic side that Westerners fail to appreciate, I shall assume that was just nervous laughter.

As I left, her kebab was being prepared and she was crouched down peering through the counter glass, entranced by the magical process by which the salad was being added.

I bet they wish all of their customers were that appreciative.

Meanwhile, Ryan Gate are finally resolving the problems with their extract system, so all being well their shawarma grill will be back in action this weekend.

Hopefully the Korean lady will give them a try - it would open up a whole other world of delights for her.

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Amylena said...

That's really sweet, she must be about the only person who has come to England from far away and found kebabs delicious!!

Kevin Scott said...

Encouraging story. And great observation too WP blogger ...

Downwind of the Cock said...

I do love a kebab, just not elephants foot. A good chook one with a bit of salad and a decent sauce, where's the harm in that?

NS said...

Damn, do you EVER cook at home, WP? Or are you singlehandedly keeping all of the local eateries in business? ;-)

Worcester Park said...

I like to do my best, NS. It's a struggle, but it is my duty to Worcester Park.

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