Saturday, 2 January 2010

Dairy Quest

Ian has sent me this fascinating photograph of 'The Worcester Park Dairy', proudly proclaiming the sale of fresh milk from Potter's Farm in New Malden.

He has been trying to work out where the Worcester Park Dairy was located and what became of it.

The only clue I can see is what looks like the number 17 on the plaques on the pillars either side of the shop window. Number 17 Central Road no longer exists (it was knocked down to make way for the building that is now home to Sainsbury's Local and the flats above it) which would explain why the shop unit can't be identified in Worcester Park today.

The architectural style of the shop and the pillars certainly looks fairly similar to the remaining shops nearby (Broadway Bargains etc.)

My money would be on it being at the top of Central Road, but I'm sure some blog readers can shed more light on it.

Do you know where Worcester Park Dairy was located (and, for that matter, where was Potter's Farm in New Malden)?