Thursday, 28 January 2010

Battling To Get A Seat

No, I'm not referring to our Liberal Democrat MPs (for a change) - can the long-suffering commuters amongst you help with this query I've received by e-mail?

"I am planning to move to Worcester Park or Stoneleigh, but I am worried about the commute in the mornings.

I have to be at Waterloo by 9.30 and was wondering if you can get seats or people have to stand for 30 minutes...

Would you be able to post a blog on this? Hopefully there will be enough comments to give me an idea on the commute scenario! By the way, loving the blog, very useful!"

I know getting a seat is always tricky, but perhaps things will be a bit quieter just before 9.30?

Over to you, blog readers.

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Regular Commuter said...

If you have to be at Waterloo by 9:30, then catch the 9.00AM train from Worcester Park, which will usually have seats free on it.

@JasonJHunter said...

I used to catch the 08:25 from Worcester Park to Waterloo daily - 27 mins

Seats were hard to come by 50% of the time but seats nearly always available on school holidays.

Anonymous said...

A seat? You'll be lucky to get one each morning, but it does also depend on what carriage you get into. Generally there are more seats towards the front of the train. Some commuters like to walk down the aisle to take a seat vacated by people alighting at wimbledon.

8.25 train to Waterloo is packed. 8.30 train is less so. 8.42 train is unlikely to have many seats. 8.57 train is more likely but still busy.
9.12 train will be too late for you but that is quieter!

Anonymous said...

dont move to worcester park! as you might take my seat!

Anonymous said...

I get a seat practically every day on the 8.25 through to 8.57 trains! On the slightly earlier ones you need to make sure you are standing where the doors open. And there are more seats towards the rear in my experience because the entrances to the previous stations, (e.g. Epsom) are at the front of the train.

Of course if you're getting on at Stoneleigh then you're laughing!

Kathie said...

Worcester Park is in zone 5 which makes it a cheaper commute than Stoneleigh. I'd also like to point out that the staff in the station newsagents/coffee shop are really lovely.

The Parkerilla said...

Worcester Park is zone 4, not 5, which gives it an advantage ticket-cost wise over Sutton (zone 5) and Kingston (zone 6). You have to go in as far as Wimbledon before fares get any cheaper (zone 3).

Anonymous said...

failing getting a seat at worcester park isnt that much of an issue as you can hop off at motspur park and catch one of the empty trains going to london from chesingnton

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