Saturday, 12 December 2009

Pond Life

If you've been keeping an eye on the Waitrose green tokens for local charities recently you may have spotted one of the slots raising funds for the restoration Shadbolt Park Pond (there is a map is at the bottom of this blog post, if you're not familiar with where Shadbolt Park is).

Blog reader Andrew B (not to be confused with the other Andrew B who supplied Wednesday's rat story) has alerted me to the fact that a Public Meeting about the proposed restoration of the pond will be taking place at 11am this coming Sunday (13th December) at the Health Centre in Shadbolt Park (Salisbury Road).

Full details are on the photo of the notice below, which Andrew also kindly sent in.

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Flowers said...

We live up North but just happened to find your blog. We fully support your pond restoration....a pond brings so much life to a community and the frogs will thank you for it!
Janurary 11th I went down to check the hole I'd made in the ice the day before. I had the saucepan of hot water ready incase it had frozen over during the night. I stood with pan in hand, realising the hole hadn't frozen over and suddenly saw two black eyes watching me with two little feet just protruding from the water....a large frog, semi submerged, was looking out of 6" diameter hole in the ice. Exclaiming in suprise, my voice sent it swimming back under the ice and I returned to the house. The frog made my day but now I would like to know, is this normal for frogs to be active so early. Do they live under the ice or has that frog come from hibernation in a nearby rock pile, to my recently made hole in ice? If anyone has an answer I'd love to know! Kind Regards from Flowers.

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