Sunday, 20 December 2009

Panic Buying

Panic seems to be the best seller in Waitrose at the moment - everyone is out buying it.

Of course the shops do shut for a whole two days over Christmas (although thank goodness for Ryan Gate which is always on hand for those who run out of olives or humous).

Do take care on the pavements  - the ice is treacherous in places, not helped by some shopkeepers who wash their floors at closing time and sweep the waste water out onto the freezing pavements. See above.

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen a gritter truck in Worcester Park? The truck always used to come round into Green Lane and the rest of the station estate, but, so far no sign of it!

foxy said...

oh where is the salt on the pavement+side roads??? the bins wont be emptied because of the ice,but they still want full counciltax!!

Alion8 said...

I agree with the previous sentiments - walking to the station along Green Lane was pretty hairy last eve and early this morning and it did cross my mind why on earth there had been no gritting in the light of the predicted snow etc. As a new Worcester Parkite I would like to think my hard earned pennys taken for my council tax would be used to save me from breaking my ankles!!!

Anonymous said...

Saw one gritter coming down Highdown yesterday morning.(first sighting since the last freeze earlier in the year) No grit on the road though .it was empty!!!!!!!.So what are the Councils upto.

Anonymous said...

So much for the guy who appeared on the news on TV bragging about how much grit they had in Surrey!

Jacey said...

Pretty poor of Sutton Council . Didn't see anything gritted at North Cheam. Crossing the roads at the lights was very dangerous indeed. As someone said they are happy to take my council tax and I get little in return. Farm Way, Trent Way and Cheam Common Road were dreadful, and I know some of my neighbours didn't go out.

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