Friday, 11 December 2009

Let The Festivities Begin!

Stallholders have been busy all afternoon setting up tonight's entertainment, so wrap up warm and enjoy the festivities and do remember to support your local traders this year and make Christmas for Worcester Park's hard working shopkeepers, publicans and restaurant owners that little bit merrier.

A warm welcome too to those of you who are finding the Worcester Park Blog for the very first time - you'll find everything there is to be written about Worcester Park here, and more besides. If you're feeling particularly brave, hit the 'random post' link to your right and plunge yourself headlong into the archives of the Worcester Park Blog.

Now, where did I put my hat and gloves...

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Anonymous said...

so... the Christmas gyppo's have arrived. JOY!

axlrocky said...

can we do a cheesy "spotted" section in the blog like in those womens magazines - i'm sure I saw the mystery wp blogger taking sly snaps(about 6ft smartly dressed with a stripy scarf and flashy looking digital slr camera?) if it wasnt you im gutted cos I profiled most of the revellers and you seemed to fit the bill!

Has anyone ever spotted any other celebrities in WP?

axlrocky said...

also how does WP consistently hire so many carnival type stalls every year? - is there a company who specialises in win a goldfish stalls?

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