Monday, 14 December 2009

Late Night Last Night

Relive the fun and festivities at Friday night's Worcester Park Traders' Association Christmas Late Night in the Worcester Park Blog's photo slideshow, above.

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves?

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Anonymous said...

I did have alot of fun. There is always a huge buzz around the highstreet. I only find it odd how people either driving through or people coming out the station get suprised as to whats going on. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???

I really wanted to win a Goldfish this year, but my last years win made me fork out on a 4ft tank.

:) Stuffed full of mulled wine and mince pies...

Just wish more charity shops were involved....

Amylena said...

Sorry, I know you love this thing and as the WP blogger you have a duty to get involved and support it but we were thoroughly disappointed lastnight. Too many rides, nasty goldfish (personally I thought the winning of goldfish had been outlawed...) and people manning the stalls who I don't think had heard of Christmas spirit and were clearly just there to make money. Surely that's not what it should be about?!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a humbug, it just seems to have become more about gypo tastic rides and stalls than about a Christmassy atmosphere. Also, being that our little girl wanted to just run accross the road we decided it safer to put her in the pushchair, which seemed to be a mistake as people were just crowing round the rides which were just too big for the pavement which meant the only option was to dart out in the road to get round!

Felt sorry for the people from Christ Church with St Philip who normally have a lovely little stall outside Garner's with the nativity scene all lit up, they'd been relegated to stand behind a trampoline and inflatable slide, apologising for not being able to plug the nativity in!

If they want all these rides, why don't they open the playground of Cheam Common School, or have them in the grounds of Midas Touch, or outside the Worcester?

Am preparing to get shot down in flames but we were really disappointed by the whole thing. To be honest, I think last year was better.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the last blogger. Why can't this be turned into something more traditional or grumpiness and trying to make money a traditional UK Christmas. I don't want to knock it, because it's better than nothing, but it could grow into something much better.

Anonymous said...

I was also disappointed. This would have been a great opportunity to have a real festive traditional local Christmas event. Instead it was just filled with tacky rides peddling counterfeit prizes. What does that say about Worcester Park?

Andrew H said...

Have to say, although i am duty-bound to agree with Amylena, my better half, that i too found the night really frustrating. It really did seem that the whole event was geared towards awful rides and games just to make the operators of them a lot of money. It should have been more about the local traders, (as this was marketed as the Traders Christmas Night), and community spirit. I barely saw any shops participating as the street was swamped with tacky rides!

The rides were placed so so badly that after trying for 10 minutes to squeeze past a train ride outside HSBC, you just wanted to go home! And then what confronted you??....Having to take our lives, and that of our daughters, into our own hands trying to sqeeze through a 3ft gap between KFC and getting smacked in the back by the gallopping horses of the merry-go-round.

It just didnt feel christmassy at all, and i certainly didnt feel like we were being encouraged to use the local businesses, but to just put our hands in our pockets to get ripped off by dodgy games and rides. As Amy said, the Church was totally forgotten about, after being bumped down the road by a massive trampoline, and couldn't even plug in their nativity scene! Im not religious, but c'mon, this is the essence of christmas, and it was trampled all over!

It is really good that Worcester Park has something like this, and fair play, and our thanks, to everyone who has worked hard and spent money to make it happen. Last year was pleasant enough, but i feel it was really cheapened this year, and if its something that we actually want to continue i think there needs to be more of a consensus about what the people of the area would actually like to see there. Please, next year, less Carnival, more Christmas!

Andrew H said...

Or, less fairground, more festive?

James Smith said...

This was the first year i went up to the Christmas late night up Worcester Park, and i was rather disappointed. There just isn't enough room for something like this and after about 20minutes i just went oh i cant bebothered to try and get past people so i went home.
I can understand that closing off the high street would cause alot of problem; so maybe could it be placed in the Waitrose car park? It is big enough, but then Waitrose would proberbly not allow their car park to be used as it could loose them money.
My other suggestion would be a local park, possibly the one next to Worcester Park station, green lane is it? Have lots of signs and friendly faces directing people in and its big enough to fit lots of rides and stalls in. Just a couple of suggestions.

Bah Humbug said...

Oh dear.

I stayed at work late in London so I would get a train back in time to enjoy the festivities. I was so dismayed that my walk up the high street from the station was hindered by burger vans and fairground rides.

I was expecting something more like a German christmas fair/market, with stalls and farmers market type produce, interspersed with the local traders welcoming you into their shops.

Instead I had to walk on the dangerous road to avoid the busy pavement (!) and hastily continued up to get my fish supper and go home.

The comments before were spot on. Top marks for the actual event happening. I am sure it was a huge success as there were many late night shoppers/families out for the fun, but someone seriously needs a good kicking for the planning of this. Some arrangement could have been made for a section of Waitrose car park (it's council owned not owned by waitrose), or the grounds of the Midas Touch/Worcester park for the tacky fairground rides, allowing shoppers to access the high street without fear of being run over.


Please rethink next year.

Anonymous said...

well its worcester park guys! chav central!, so of course its going to be a load of crass rides, its up to the shops to sort it out for next year, i didnt go this year thank god, but the last couple of years has been ok, with just a couple of kids rides

shelokay said...

there was a lack of carol singers.. but i thought it was great! right on our doorstep a good night out! what more can u ask for.. and my son was over the moon to see santa walk up the high street..
oh and mr blogger man.. thanks for taking a pic of me standing behidn the goldfish stall ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish people would get of their soap box for one poxy minute. I think it is great that the TA actually bothered to do something. Lets not forget not everyone celebrates Christmas in the biblical sense, but what should be universal over christmas is good will, family, love, health and community. This event was a great chance for our community to come together, for children to have fun and for adults to make new friends. Yes there were alot of rides and 'money making' opportunities, so what? Doesn't mean you have to take part in them? Why not just enjoy the atmosphere. Let's not forget the time and money that went into the planning of this event. Did any of your offer your time or a donation?

One improvement I would make for next year, although costly, is to have a small stage as a 'focal point' for the highstreet, with music/carols/entertainment even a nativity taking place.

Jacey said...

I'm getting so tired of everyone having a go at WP, especially the poster who calls it "chav central"! Where do you get your stupid ideas from? If I wanted to live somewhere not as nice it would probably be Sutton or Morden or Croydon but then we all have our opinions.As for "chav central" - grow up please. Why not be grateful that its a nice place.. WP has all the necessary shops and great places to eat. Its bad enough some thinking we live in the shadow of New Malden - I don't think so - but as far as I can see, and I've been here 17 years, its fine. Its a pleasant town in Surrey, not chav ville!
You know the saying "if you can't say anything nice shut up" - well.......... Happy New Year , I'll leave it at that.

Rick said...

Happy New Year!

Would one of the above obsessive moaners like to kick 2010 off as they ended 2009, by complaining that this Happy New Year is not nearly 'new' enough for their liking?

And let me take a wild guess (well, this goes without saying), they're not 'happy' either?

Mama C said...

Been catching up with the latest news....Someone wants Topshop in W.P.!! I'm old enough to remember Dorothy Perkins splendid shop complete with Goldfish!! and a hat shop on the other side. and while I think about it... three cheers for the excellant Broadway Bargains - Where would we be without it!

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