Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hair We Go Again...

Hooorah! Just as I rumoured at the beginning of this month, Worcester Park's thirteenth hair dressing establishment, Klass, is now officially open for business (next to Classic Wok, in the old 'Voltz' shop unit).

To celebrate this landmark achievement, Worcester Park's pubs and bars will be staying open well past midnight tonight and will be packed to the rafters with revellers.

Perhaps I should start taking bets on how many more coiffeurs we can cram into Central Road in 2010?

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Ian Morris said...

Im not too sure of the name 'Klass'. Spelling Klass with a K, to me, sounds a bit krap. Who ever came up with that name, in my opinion, was a bit of a kock.

Stacy said...

I hear there is another Hairdressers opening on Windsor Road, are these rumours true? Surely Worcester Park does not need another hairdressers!!

Me said...

Its not a rumour, it is ture. They put the wash basins in today!

Anonymous said...

Love this hairdressers & great name i think Klass is a great name, Billy is a fantastic hairdresser would recommend any day.
becky@Worcester Park

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