Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Grit Or Determination?

There have been a few comments on the blog about the lack of grit on the pavements of Worcester Park.

Thankfully the worst of the treacherous ice appears to have melted away today but I did notice on my travels that the Kingston Borough side of Worcester Park has pavements liberally sprinkled with rock salt whilst the Sutton Borough side seems to have none.

Very much a tale of two boroughs.

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Anonymous said...

You must have seen the main road pavements on the Kingston side of WP.
There was no gritting carried out on the side roads or pavements. Hence it was safer to walk in the middle of the road.!!!!!!!!!
Kingston said priority was given to the main roads and areas where there were schools,ambulance stations,hospitals.They had forgotten that the majority of schools were on holiday.!!!!!!

great stuff eh .

Anonymous said...

Great blog, but a couple of your recent articles ('Grit Or Determination' and 'Worcester Park Christmas Info') make no mention of Worcester Park's forgotten borough - Epsom & Ewell. Merry Christmas!

Andrew said...

Kingston Borough didn't salt the pavements of Downfield (off of Manaor Drive).

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the freaks and inbreds in the Epsom and Ewell part of WP, you're all just Stoneleigh wannabes, it Sutton and Kingston the whole way baby

Jeffers said...

Er, Downfield is in Kingston and Stoneleigh is actually in Epsom, it would be hard to get more mistakes into one sentance if you tried.

Anonymous said...

It seems Sutton council have heeded the bemoaning of last year. Noticed a load of new grit salt boxes scattered throughout Worcester Park today.

Some were replacing old ones, but there were a lot of 'mini' grit boxes in new positions.

Hopefully we wont be lamenting the lack of salt this year! Although I think the aim of the people filling the boxes leaves a lot to be desired, looks like 2/3s of the salt ended up on the ground instead of in the boxes!

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