Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Gate'ing Ready?

I have it on good authority that Ryan Gate is, finally, set to re-open very soon.

Having peered through the shutters last night (I've had to re-type that, as I missed the 'r' out of peered - which would have landed me in all sorts of trouble) it's hard to see what has actually changed.

I wouldn't put it past Ryan Gate to have spent three months transforming the shop without actually changing anything - all part of its quirky charm. No doubt when it does open, all will be revealed.

I shall be first in the queue for my lamb schawarma (if it's still on the menu).

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axlrocky said...

WP Blogger whilst I have the utmost respect for you in the position of town cryer - your musings on Ryan Gate are borderline obssessive!

Whilst I also like to indulge in the sweet sharwarma - get a grip man and take the short ride in your horseless carriage to the wilderness of new malden where - behold, like a christmas miracle, A restaraunt called Aroma can be found satisfying all your sharwarma related needs.

This should put a full stop on matters until the magical "Ryan Gate" with its mis spelled cuisine (look at sign closely) reopens!

Hope to spot you out live blogging on Friday

Anonymous said...

they have done something very odd with the windows, i guess they are going to sell fruit and veg outside maybe?

Worcester Park said...

Axlrocky - I can't believe you are seriously recommending that people go to New Malden. Are you not aware of the dangers of foreign travel? I venture no further than The Plough - I know my limits.

Shelokay said...

i just drove past and its open and trading!

Gordo's Neighbour said...


axlrocky said...

fairplay WP blogger, i stand corrected - it was crazy talk - what was I thinking! WP forever!

BenjyP said...

Stand by your convictions axlrocky, run the gauntlet of hatred and fear for the holy Aroma. Other than the bizarre dishes of some of the Korean restaurants its the only thing worth going to New Malden for!

Jeff said...

axlrocky is right about the best shawarmas coming from Aroma just opposite New Malden Library and along a little and in sunny weather you can even dine al fresco on picnic benches outside next to the refuse wheely bins, enjoy the roar of the traffic and automotive BBQ road aroma and imagine you're somewhere beneath azure skies overlooking the Bosphorus. Never did reckon Ryan Gates shawarmas as I think they pre-steamed the lamb to tenderise it but it ended up like textureless mush.

Jushy said...

I felt rather guilty about Ryan Gate closing as I thought it was permanent and not having shopped there much over the last 3 months prior to it closing..anyway now i get my eggs from there £1.19 for half a dozen free range eggs, cheaper than Waitrose and Sainsburys...i feel better now that i know im supporting our local businesses, and if it does close in the future, i wont feel as bad!

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