Monday, 28 December 2009

Dr Bowen-Perkins

Some sad news at Christmas, courtesy of one of my blog readers:

"Dr. Bowen-Perkins (retired) aged 86. passed peacefully away in his sleep on Tuesday 22nd December. He had been a GP in Worcester Park for over 50 years, first on the Malden Road and then moving to Shadbolt Park until his retirement.

He was one of the old school of Doctors who would sit and talk over your problems and visit you at home when he was in practice. My mother was taken ill at one time and he even rang the next day to see if she was any better, he was a very kind and caring man and I first met him in 1960.

He will be sadly missed and was expecting his first great grandchild on the 29th December which he was looking forward to but now will never see.

I'm sure there are many people in Worcester Park who will remember him."

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Downwind of the Cock said...

I always used to see Dr Alexander, a fearsome but very good GP. I think Mr Bowen-Perkins may have syringed my ears a few years back though with something Tom or Jerry would've been proud of, it was about a foot long!

Jeffers said...

As you say, Doctor Bowen-Perkins was a caring old fashioned doctor - he served me and my family well throughout the 1970s and beyond from his surgery opposite the Institute. He always had a smile and a friendly word, nothing was too much trouble for him. I believe he was Welsh and his son also worked the practice at Shadbolt Park.

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