Thursday, 10 December 2009

Comb Again

Disturbing reports are reaching the Worcester Park Blog that Central Road may soon be home to yet another hairdressers.

We have, at last count, 12 hairdressing establishments in Worcester Park. Could it really be that we are to be unlucky enough to get a thirteenth?

If the trend continues, by the end of 2010 almost every shop in Worcester Park will be offering some kind of hairdressing service in a bid to stay in business and cement the town's reputation as the hairdressing capital of the South (except for Dual Tools, which will instead be hiring out industrial shears for DIY haircuts).

Surrey Nefis will be in on the act too - employing the same chap who slices the strips from the giant revolving kebab meat (I think it would work if the barbers' chair was revolving at the correct speed).

You know it makes sense.