Monday, 28 December 2009

Anyone Notice?

What became of our beloved community notice boards? Well they are both now up and running, although more up than running if the truth be told.

The Worcester Park notice board, which is conveniently tucked out of site on the side wall of Pizza Express, contains nothing except for Sutton Council notices and publicity. Meanwhile the North Cheam notice board has already had one of its perspex panels pushed in, whilst the other panel is already scratched, obscuring the majority of the Sutton Council notices which adorn it.

Hardly good value for the £800 a piece that these items cost us.

Meanwhile as I continue to bemoan the fact there there is nowhere in Worcester Park serving a decent full English breakfast, blog sources tell me that there could soon be a reopening (of some sort) in the 'Berties' cafe unit on Central Road. Fingers crossed!