Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 In Review

So 2009 draws to a close, and what a year it's been. Thank you all for your comments and e-mails throughout the year.

As we prepare to welcome in 2010, it only remains for me to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year - and I shall leave you quick look back at events in Worcester Park in 2009.

Happy New Year!

January: As the New Year started everything was closing down - Silks finished and The Hunstmans Hall remained closed - but at least those pointless yellow box junctions made a welcome disappearance. Some residents were up in arms about alleys were being closed, as was Cameo Office Supplies.

February: Snow fell in Worcester Park - everyone enjoyed it, until Waitrose started running out of supplies.

March: More closures in Worcester Park - Gosletts attracted a crowd as they closed down. Meanwhile The Hamptons Public Enquiry got underway and the great hairdresser invasion of Worcester Park was underway. It was goodbye Huntsmans Hall and hello Midas Touch.

April: Wahoo! Another hairdresser. Some of us celebrated 'St Gorges Day' as I set you to work describing Worcester Park in three words.

May: Some of use were freaked out by a scare craft meanwhile... Wahoo!! Yet another hairdresser. I challenged you to say only nice things about Worcester Park as Waitrose wished me a Merry Christmas.

June: There was a byelection in Nonusch Ward - there was a blaze in Lindsay Road, but the real hot topic of the month was the BNP byelection candidate

July: 'Walk, Cycle, Reward' launched in Worcester Park, CAZBAR was only half the place is used to be.  Everyone came over all nostalgic as I mourned the end of the best cafe in Worcester Park (well, in my opinion). Meanwhile there was no shortage of ideas for the type of restaurant you wanted to open in Central Road (shame we ended up with yet another Italian).

August: You got all hot under the collar over road resurfacing, a nasty accident closed Central Road for several hours and a few residents of Worcester Park saw the light.

September: The great clean-up of Worcester Park station got underway and the Public Enquiry into expansion of The Hamptons ended with the green light being given to further development. We explored the lost world of Worcester Park House and I was left bereft as Ryan Gate closed for a two week refurbishment (which ended up lasting three months).

October: Construction began on your fantasy Central Road which certainly did not feature yet another Italian restaurant opening. Worcester Park's covert notice board was unveiled and I rather foolishly bought something from North Cheam

November: Plans for the invasion of Old Malden gathered pace, Worcester Park paused to remember. Caffe Piccolo went into liquidation, Sutton Council got in touch over the empty notice board fiasco and you reported your ghostly sightings in Worcester Park.

December: Graffiti caught everyone's imagination, Ryan Gate finally re-opened (remarkably unchanged despite three months of refurbishment works). The Worcester Park Traders Christmas Late Night got underway  - a lot of people enjoyed it, but it seemed many blog readers weren't impressed. At least the residents of Leyfield were on hand to bring us some much needed festive cheer.