Friday, 20 November 2009

Taking Notice

It's good to know that the Worcester Park Blog reaches the parts that others cannot. My blog post on Monday about the empty notice board fiasco has spurred Sutton Council to get in touch with me with news of progress (at last) and an appeal for blog readers' help.

From next week, Worcester Park Library will be holding the keys to the notice board. Anybody with a community notice to post in the board can take it to the library where it will be checked and, if suitable, allowed on to the notice board.

Sutton Council has also extended the invitation to any Worcester Park Blog readers who want to help by acting as additional keyholders for the boards in Worcester Park or North Cheam, to act as a point of contact for getting notices onto the board and checking that notices are up to date and appropriate.

Anyone interested should contact Mark Dalzell, Locality Lead Officer at Sutton Council on 0208 770 5070.

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Strasbourgeoise said...

Perhaps your campaign could extend to the North Cheam aka "Nonsuch Ward" noticeboard in front of the post office which was equally as empty last time I passed!

Rick said...

On my way home from WP station, I discovered there were notices in the WP notice board. Of particular interest was a list of local council costs incurred, such as (you guessed it) the price of introducing notice boards.

I spent a moment pondering why in the age of the internet, Sutton Council is reintroducing a form of communication, which has been largely obsolete since the invention of radio?

Anyway, given that Sutton Council is stuck in the Victorian era, I wondered if you had planned to upload photos of the local notices, so that they can reach out to those in 21st century Worcester Park?

Andrew said...

I like the way the thing has been cemented in with no attention paid to reinstating the black of the tarmac. This is how things start to look shabby after a few years.

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